Please note - not all the marches will play music, the ones with the Orange squares will play music. Green Squares are written music only. The ones in Yellow are the latest additions, Please enjoy the 629, which have the music to listen too, so far there are 9,988 sheets of music on this page, more will be on line soon, regards Peter McCarthy
14th August 2023
The Yorkshire Droumes & Ffyfes
1st August 1759   John Wall
2nd Coldstream March   Traditional
3 of The Best   Various
3 Lilies   Traditional
4 For Christmas   Trad  arr. Wall & Ash.
1914 March   G Hackenzie  & B Brook
1914-18    Arr Laurie Johnston
15th Regiment Quickstep   Traditional
17th Century Music   54 from 17th Century
17th Century The English March   17th Century Tunes
24th Caprice   Paganini Arr John Wall
42 Lad's Brigade Quick Steps   P1   Traditional
42 Lad's Brigade Quick Steps   P2   Traditional
42 Lad's Brigade Quick Steps   P3   Traditional
42 Lad's Brigade Quick Steps   P4   Traditional
55-Jigs-Hornpipes-&-Quick-Step  1st Bb   Traditional
55-Jigs-Hornpipes-&-Quick-Step F & Picc   Traditional
55-Jigs-Hornpipes-&-Quick-Step Drums   Traditional
Pfeifer March   Year 1522
633 Squadron   Ron Goodwin Arr Brick
633 Squadron   Ron Goddwin Arr Davis
A Bridge Too Far   Arr. M. Davis
A Celtic Finale   Traditional
A Comrade's Farewell   D/M Albert Shrimpton
A Comrades Good Bye   D/M Albert Shrimpton
A Dorsetshire March   English Traditional
A Drummers Lament   John Wall
A Feather In My Cap   English Tradition
A Frangesa   E Kaiser
A La Grenadier   Arr. Stuart Sutton
A Little American Medley   Traditional
A Little American Medley-2   Traditional
A-Little-American-Medley-3   Traditional
A Marching Christmas   Traditional Arr FJW
A Marching Christmas II    Video   Traditional Arr FJWS
A Marching Christmas III   Traditional Arr JW
A Nuptual Progression   Hans Von Nees
A Rainy Trio   From The Musical
A Sea Side Medley   Various Arr L & J Wall
A Scottish Soldier    Video   John Macleod
A Soldiers Oath   John Wall
A Trip To Ohio   W. Pannall
A Veterans Honour   John Wall
A Walk In The Black Forest     Video   Horst Jankowski
A Yorkshire Air   Rambling Sam Wazzark
Abe's March   Trad
Abide With Me   Henry Francis Lyte
Aboukir Bay   Jolly Jack Tar
Abu Klea   F.C. Burdett
Acker's Fancy Number 2   Traditional
Acorns March   John Wall
Action Front   H.L. Blankenburg
Active Edge   D/Maj I. Dowson Arr Brick
Adair Walk   John Wall
Adieu Mein Klleiner Gardeoffizier   R Stolz arr John Wall
Adsum   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Advance Africa    Arr. D Parfitt
Afton Water   Arr. W. McClure
Agatha   W McGanna
Agincourt   GE Goulding
Aida   Traditional
Airbourne Brigade   John Wall
Air on a G String   J. S. Back
Aldershot Division   F. McCoy
Aldwych   W. McGannon
Alice Where Art Thou   Arr W. B. Blythe
Allandale   W.H. Turpin
All along the Lagan   John Wall
All Along The Wessser   John Wall
All kinds of Everthing   Lindsay & Smith arr Wall
All The Blue Bonnets   Scottish Traditional
All Thro The Night   Video   Arr Mike Hall
Aloha Oe   Traditional
Amazing Grace    Video   Traditional
American Forces Medley  Video   Stu Sutton & John Wall
American Forces Medley II   Stu Sutton & John Wall
Amigos Para Siempre   Andrew Llyd Webber
Amora   A.J. Duffield
Amparito Roca   Vivace
Anchors Aweigh    Video   Zimmerman
And All That Jazz   Ebner
Anderson   G Harper
Angelus   W. Blythe
Any Dream Will Do   Andrew Lloyd Webber
Annies Song   John Denver
Argandab   F. Joyce
Argyle   W. M. Love
Armoury House    Video   D/Maj Tom Birkett
Army of The Nile    Video   K. J. Alford
Arosa   Oscar Tshuor
Ash Grove, The   Video   D/M Joe Winter
Ashmore   D/M Tom Birkett
Ashokan Farewell   Jay Unger
At Givenchy   F.C. Burdett
Atalanta   C. Richardson
Audacity   John Wall
Auld Lang Syne    Video   Arr Tim Clarke
Australia   A. Peake
Australian Star   F. McCoy
Austria March   J. Nowotny
Autumn   Antonio Vivaldi
Aylestones Bell's   John Wall
Badenviller   G. Furst
Ballyhackamore   J. Ord Hume
Ballyhooley   Chas Godfred
Bannana Skin   D/Maj I.Dowson Arr Brick
Banner Of Hope    Video   Arr. W. Douglas
Bapaume   D/M Joe Winter
Barcarolle   Jacque Offenbach
Barber of Seville. The   Rossini
Barber De Seville (Troop)   F. McCoy
Barren Rocks of Aden   F. McCoy
Balmoral    Video   Arr. H Gillespie
Bavarda   H. Starke
Baxter   Arr S Kane
Be Keen   John Wall
Be Sharp   John Wall
Be Smart   John Wall
Beer Barrel Polka   Jaramir Vejvoda
Begone Dull Care     Video   17th Century
Bel Royal   D. Davies
Belgrave   William H Turpin
Belisarius   John Wall
Bellarado   William H Turpin
Belt And Braces   John Wall
Belvilo Tutto   Bricko
Belle Mahone   William H Turpin
Belphegor    Video   E. Brepsant
Ben     Walter Scharf
Bengazi Burner   John Wall
Bernicia   John Wall
Berliner Luft   Paul Lincke
Berserker   Luck & John Wall
Best Foot Foreward   John Wall
Best of British   Traditional  Arr Brick
Bhurtpore   H. B. Bailey
Bianca   William H Turpin
Bier Fest   German Traditional
Billy Blades   John Wall
Billy Boy   Mike Hall
Bird of Paradise   F. Joyce
Birdcage Walk   Arnold Steck
Biz With The Wiz   Stu Sutton
Black Alec   John Wall
Black Adder   Howard Goodall
Black Diamonds   F. C. Burdett
Blaydon Races, The   Video   Geordie Ridley
Blaze Away  Video   ABE. Holzmann
Blaze of Glory   ABE. Holzmann
Blenheim   J.A Garside
Bless 'em All Selection   Hughes & Lake
Blithe And Gay   W. B. Blythe
Blue Devils   Williams
Blue on Grey   Arr John Wall & Luke Ash
Bobby Dazler   John Wall
Boer War Echoes   Traditional
Bog Trotters Ball   Traditional
Bold Grenadier   Traditional
Bolero   Maurice Ravel  Arr Brick
Bombs and Bullets   John Wall
Bombay   W. Bradford
Bon-Accord   Arr. W. Douglas
Bond of Friendship   Traditional
Bond of Love   William Love
Bonnie Annie Laurie   D. Parfitt
Bonnie English Rose, Video   Arr. Barry Rawlins
Bonny Tyneside   Traditional
Boom Bang A Bang   Warne
Boys of Britain   Charles Le Thiere
Boys of The Old Brigade   WH Myddleton
Boys of Wapping          Video   William H Turpin
Brayburne   W. McGannan
Brazil                           Video   Traditional
Brian Boru's March   O'Neils 1801
Bright Eyes   Arr P McCarthy
British Army Quicksteps  1901   Traditional
British Cavalry   J. Ord Hume
British Grenadiers   Traditional
British Infantry   D. Davies
British Medley   Traditional
British to the Backbone   Albert Hill
Broadway Hustler   William H Turpin
Bronze Star   F. Joyce
Brooklyn Belle    Video   W. Pannal
Brown Girl in The Ring   Stein,Jass & Luboff
Bugle & Trumpet Tutor & Calls   H. Potter
BUGLE CALL's British Army   Traditional
Bugle Marches Book 1   Mixture
Bugle Marches Joffre & Kitchener   J. Winter
Bugle Sounds & Mounted Inf & Calls   Traditional
Bulgar's Entry   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Bullets and Bayonets 1918   John Philip Sousa
Bull and Bluff   Mike Davis
Bummel Petrus an Intermezzo  Video   M Werner - Kersten
Burning Bridges   M Cooper 2CG
Burning The Midnight Oil   Rambling Sid Wazzark
Buttons In Fives   Mike Davis
Buttons in Twos    Video   D/Maj Tom Birkett
By Land and Sea   Arr BM C. Dawe
By The Rivers of Babylon   Arr John Wall
Ca Ira   Traditional
Cadetia   W. H. Turpin
Cadiz 1587   John Wall
Caledonia   W. H. Turpin
Call To Arms   F. Joyce
Calling All Workers   Eric Coates Arr Brick
Camaraden   W. H. Turpin
Cambria   J. McGuirk
Cambria  Welsh Airs   W.H. Turpin
Can Can   J.Offenback
Canon   Pachelbel  arr. Brick.
Cappezano   John Wall
Captain Bodkin   John Wall
Capt. Mackintosh's March   Arr. Von Arnesby
Captain Nichols   Drum Major Steve Ward
Caribbean Medley   Drum Major Steve Ward
Carols Ancient And Old   Traditional
Cairo Road, The   Adams
Captains All   A. A. Ellis
Carmen   J. Wall & L. Ash
Carnation   H.W.D. Hunt
Carol of The Drum   Katherine K Davis
Carol Trios   Arr Brick
Carrickfergus   Arr Phil Lindsay
Carshalton   G. Hawkins
Cassandra   W. H. Turpin
Cassio   W. H. Turpin
Castanetina   Giadinini
Castanetina   (Larger size)   Giadinini
Cavanagh   W. McGannan
Celebration   J. A. Greenwood
Celtic Collection   Irish Traditional
Cempra   Arr W Godden
Cempra In 2/4   Arr. W. Douglas
Chalfont   W. H. Turpin
Chants Des Soldats   Joseph Engleman
Chariots of Fire   Vangelis
Charlottenburg   Mike Hall
Chattanooga Choo Choo   Harry Warren aar L Wall
Chianti Wein   Arr John Wall
Children of The Regiment   Fucik
Childrens love     Video   W. Turpin
Chindit Column 80   John Wall
Chorus of The Hebrew Slaves   Giuseppe Verdi
Chosen Men   Traditional
Christmas Carols   Traditional
Christmas Carols 11   Traditional
Christmas Hymns and Carols   Various Arr Brick
Christmas Songs   Traditional
Church Lane   Arr John Robinson
Church Parade   Verious Arr John Wall
Cirencester     Arr. D. Parfitt
Clan McPherson   S. V. Balfour
Clandon   W. McGannan
Clara Polka   D Parfitt
Clevedon   G.W. Lea
Clickety Click   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Coburg   Traditional
Cockles and Mussels   Irish Air
Codrington (Slow Troop)   Traditional
Coeur De Lion    Video   Goulding
Colchester   F. Joyce
Coldstream Capers   Stu Sutton
Coldstream Dmrs Reunion   T Birton
Colonel Bogey          Video   K. Alford
Colonel Bogey Waltz   Arr T Birkett
Colonel Heywood   D/Maj S.P. Ward
Colonel Pestal   F. McCoy
Come Lasses And Lads   Arr K Cuzner
Commonwealth Day   John Wall
Comrades True   D. Parfitt
Concerning Hobbits   Howard Shore
Concerto Disperato   Lavagnino-Rosso-Simoni
Concerto El Campeador   John Wall
Concord   William H Turpin
Coney Island   W. McGannan
Confrontation   John Wall
Congradulations   Martin & Coulter
Conquest of Paradise   Vangelis
Consider Yourself   From the Musical Oliver
Contestic   William H Turpin
Controversy   William H Turpin
Constance (Troop)   F. Joyce
Coons' Parade   William H Turpin
Corbie   C. Thierre
Coronation Bells    Video   Partridge
Coronation March from Le Prophete   Meyerbeer
Coronation-March F Major   Meyerbeer Arr Brick
Cordonna (Waltz)   Mike Davis
Corney Conner   William H. Turpin
Coronation Street   E Spear
Corporal Williams   Stu Sutton
Corunna   John Wall
Cotton Coons   F. McCoy
Courier   Griffiths
Court  Trumpeters   W. Matthews
Crackling Rose   S Kane
Crags of Tumblesown Mountain   Traditional
Cross Guns   F. Joyce
Crusader   John Wall
Crusader   F. Joyce
Dad's Army   YCoD
Dance (Traditional Dance Music)   Arr S Sutton & J Wall
Dance With Thy Daddy   Arr John Wall
Dane,  The   J. F. Goulding
Danny From Bandon   William H Turpin
Darkie Town Wedding   W. Pannell
Das Panzerlied   K Wiehle
Dashing Forward   A. McNamara
Dashing White Serjeant   Traditional
Dawn of Spring    D. Parfitt
Days of Glory   Arr. W. Douglas
De Rozenwals   Belgium Trad
Death or Glory   R. B. Hall
Defence, The   H. Bailey
Dedicato   William H Turpin
Defiance   J. Ord Hume
Delhi   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Des Pierrettes   Arr J. Winter
Dettingen   F. Joyce
Devil's Dream   E Perrilloux
Die Rosen-Waltz   William H Turpin
Die Trommelmajors Bratwurst   John Wall
Dinah's Delight                Video   William H Turpin
Distant Greeting   A. Doring
Do you hear the people Sing   Claude/Schonberg
Dolly Grey                      Video   Traditional
Dolly's War Selection   Video   Traditional
Donalda   F. Joyce
Dongola   Fred H. Poole
Donna's Parade   Arr S Kane
Dorogoi Dlinnoyu (Those were the days)   Boris Fomin Arr L & J Wall
Dover Street   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Dovercourt   F. Joyce
Downfall of Paris   Traditional
Dowson's Fancy   John Wall
Dr. Finlay's Casebook   Trevor Duncan Arr.  Wall
Dreadnought   D. Parfitt
Drinking Song   Arr. John Wall
Drum and Fife   F. Hudson
Drum Major McILree   John Wall
Drum Major Tom Birkett   John Wall
Drummer Hodge   John Wall
Drum Majors Last Parade   John Wall
Drummers All   John Wall
Drummers Lace   John Wall
Drummers of The King   John Wall
Drummers of The Queen   Video   Arr Mike Hall
Drummers' Parade   Stuart Sutton
Drummie   Baldwin
Dublin Bay   C. W.Hewitt
Duke of York's March   18th Century
Dunboyne   W.H. Turpin
Dusky Doyzie   W.H. Turpin
Eagle Squadron   K J Alford arr John Wall
Editoria   W. McGannan
Eglinton   W.B. Blythe
Egypt   W. Matthews
Eileen Allanah   W.C. Quinn
Ein Schagzeuger Gebet   Z Legelmauer
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik   Mozart
El Abanico   Javaloyes
El Capitain   Sousa
El Matador   Arr Frank Browne
Elgin Avenue   W. Blythe
Elizebethan Serenade   Mike Davis
Elizabethan Serenade for 3 flutes   Arr John Wall
Elmwood   W. B. Blythe
Empress   F. Joyce
Endearing Young Charms   Traditional
England's Pride   D/M Albert Shrimpton
English Folk Song Suite   Ralph Vaughan Williams
Erin   W.H. Hawkes
Ermino   Henri Beaudet
Escort   Arr. W. Douglas
Esplanade   F. Joyce
Espana    Chabrier
Essendene   W.H. Turpin
Eton Boating Song   Traditional
Euterpe   Traditional
Evening Hymns   Traditional
Eventide   Arr. H. Gillespie
Ever Bright   W. B. Blythe
Ever Faithful   W. B. Blythe
Ever Glorious   J. Wall
Ever Ready   T. Butterworth
Extract From 1812 Overture   Tchaikovsky
Eye Level   J Trombey
Fallingbostel   Mike Hall
Fancy Jack   John Wall
Fairy Glenn   Arr. A.J. Duffield
Fairytales of New York   Finer & MacGowan
Farewell & Adier to you Spanish Ladies   Trad Arr John Wall
Farmer Georges Jig   M Carta
Fattie Bum Bum   Carl Malcolm Arr Brick
Fearless   Wannaby & Asbeen
Fehrbelliner Reitersmarsch   R Henrion
Felicity   William H Turpin
Felix on Parade   John Wall
Fifes-To-The-Fore   John Wall
Fife Tunes 1 & 2   Trad 1651-1656
Fifty - Fifty   John Wall
Figaro (Slow)   Mozart
Film Selection,   Video   Arr D/M S Ward
Film Themes   Arr Stu Sutton
Film Theme's No 3   Williams/Severns/Barry
Film Theme's No 4   Arr John Wall
Fire Fly   W. Pannell
First and Finest   Dennis Burton
First And Foremost   W. H. Turpin
Fleur De Lys   F.J. Smith
Flow Sweet Gently Afton   arr D/M Tom Birkett
Flower of Scotland   Roy M. B. Williamson
Flying Colours   F. Joyce
Flying Eagle   Balanken Berg
Foggy Dew   L/Sgt Carson
Folk Fest   Traditional
For Crown & Valour   Mike Davis
For Flag and Empire     Video   William H Turpin
For These Are My Mountains   Brick & Breeze
Fort Regent   William H. Turpin
Forward   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Forward Oh   Arr Brick
Four by Two   John Wall
Fridericus Rex   Fredinan Radeck
Friendship   William H Turpin
Funeral Marches   F. Joyce
Funeral Marches & Hymns   Arr D. Parfitt
Funiculi Funicula   L. Denzs
Fur Elise Duet    Ludwig Van Beethoven
Gabriel's Oboe   Ennio Morricone
Gainsborough   W. J. Blower
Galanthia    Video   William H Turpin
Gallipoli   D, Simmons
Game of Thrones - Theme   Ramin Djawadi
Garb of Old Gaul   Traditional
Garnetbank   J. Sutherland
Gary Owen   Traditional
General At Sea   Luke & John Wall
General Fairfaxs March   John Wall
General Jackson   F. McCoy
Georges' Favourites   George Formby
Get On Parade   John & Luke Wall
Gharial   F. Joyce
Gheluvelt   J Winter
Gibraltar   Wilson Arr. John Wall
Gin and Tonic   Dr. L. Burckhardt
Ginchy   W.J.C. Hekker
Giralda   W.H. Turpin
Girls in Grey    Video   Charles Williams
Glaswegian   Traditional
Glenwood   Arr W. Hoy
Gleven   W.H. Turpin
Glorious Victory   W.M. Kendall
Go West   Morall, Belolol & Willis
God Bless the Prince of Wales Video   Traditional
Going Home   Traditional
Golden Spurs   S. Rhodes
Gommecourt   J. Winter
Good Old Days   Traditional
Gordon Dane   Arr W. Douglas
GrafSpiel   Arr Stu Sutton
Grand March from Aida   Virdi
Grandcourt   W. Blythe
Green Leaves of Summer   Dimitri Tiomkin
Greensleeves / Skye Boat Song   Traditional
Groovy Kind of Love   Arr John Wall
Guards Company I.T.C.   John Wall
Guards Return   Traditional
Guide Me O Thou Great-Redeemer   Trad, classic hymn
Guinevere   John Wall
Gunfire   John Wall
Guns of Naverone   Dimitri Tiomkin
Hadrians Wall March   Stuart Sutton
Hale an Hearty   William Love
Hallelujah   Leonard Cohen-Arr L. Wall
Hammers   Arr by J Wallace
Happy Birthday   Trad
Happy Days   F. McCoy
Happy Daze   Arr John Wall
Happy Daze Two   Arr John Wall
Happy Valley   W. J. Blythe
Harbour Lights   B. Neill
Haslemere   G.W. Lea
Hazelmere    Video   D/M Tom Birkett
Hear My Song Violetta   Klose & Luckesch
Heavy Cavalry   J. Ord Hume
Hedwig's Theme   John Williams
Height and Glory   A J Duffield
Heimatgruss   A. Rinner
Hengroen   J Wall & L Ash
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still   J. Campbell
Here's a health unto his Majesty   17th Century
Hero's of Tumbledown   Riddle & Macleod Trad
Hero's on Parade   John Wall
Heroes All   H. Bidgood
Hey Look Me Over   Various
Hibernia   C. Barthmann
Hibernian Boys   F. C. Burdett
Hielan Laddie   Traditional
Highland Cathedral   Arr T. Evans
High Society   Cole Porter
High School Cadets   J.P. Sousa
Highland Cradle Song   Trad
Hogan's Anthem   Arr R Maughan
Hogan's Heroes March   Video   Jerry Fielding
Holdfast   Mike Davis
Holy Rood   K. Alford
Holywood   J. Ord Hume
Home Fires   Arr S Kane
Homeland   D.A. Pope
Honour In Arms   Wm. Matthews
Hotspur    Video   William H Turpin
Hougomont   J. Ord Hume
Hougoumont's Pride   Arr John Wall
Household Brigade    Video   William H Turpin
Housey Housey   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Humming Chorus   Giacomo Puccini
Humourous Hannah   William H, Turpin
Humourous Heggarty   William H. Turpin
Hymn For Jesusa   (Mrs Atkin)   John Wall
I Don't Know How To Love Him   Andrew Lloyed Webber
I Passed by Your Window Video   M.H. Brahe
I Vow To Thee My Country   G Holst
I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman   Cook & Greenaway
I Watch the Sunrise   Traditional
I Will Always Love You   Arr Stu Sutton
If Blucher was a Yorkshire Man   John Wall
If I Were A Rich Man   Jerry Bock
IL Bacio (Retreat)   Arditi
Ilkley Moor   Traditional
I-m here and theres a Jolly dog   Traditional
Imperial   F.J. Battle
Imperial Echoes   Video   Arnold Safroni
I N A                     Video   William H Turpin
In a Monastery Garden   Albert W Ketelbey
In Dulci Jubilo    Video   Trad
In Good Order   John Wall
In his Tunic of Scarlet and Gold   English Air Arr Brick
In Isolation   John Wall
In My Garden   F C Burdett
Indias Reply   F. Joyce
Inniskillings, The (10th)   Arr. W Douglas
Intrepid   M. Davis
Invercargill   W. Matthews
Invictus   John Wall
Invincible   W. Blower
Invincible Eagle   J. P. Sousa
Irene   W. McGannan
Irish Jigs   Traditional
Irish Medley   D. Parfitt
Irish Washerwoman   Traditional
I.T.C. Jigs   Luke Wall
Ivanhoe   G. Lea
Jacob 1839   John Wall
Jenny Lind Polka   Old Dance Tune
Jerusalem   Perry  Arr Brick
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring   Johann Sebastian Back
Jiggery Pokery    Irish Traditional
Jigs No's 1, 2, 3, & 4.   D/Maj. Joe Winter
Jigs No's 8, 9, 10, & 11.   D/Maj. Joe Winter
Jigs No's 12, 13, 14, & 15.   D/Maj. Joe Winter
Jigs No's 16 17 18 & 19.   D/Maj. Joe Winter
Joans Placket is Torn   Arr Mick Hall
Jock Jigs   Trad Scottish
Jolson's Favourites  Video   Al Jolson
John Bull   Kenneth S. Glover
Johnny Todd (Z Cars)   Fritz Spiegl
Joyful Jim   W. McGannan
Juanita   Arr by J. Murdie
Juarez   V. S. Schettino
Jullunder   Burdett
Kaffir Chief   W. Pannall
Kathleen   Theo Bennet
Kelly's Eye   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Kenilworth   D. Parfitt
Keep The Home Fires Burning   Ivor Novello
Kesteven   W. H. Turpin
Khediviale   W. Matthews
Killaloe   Robert Martin
Killaloe 2nd Arrangement   Traditional
Killashandra   Clancy
Killykeen   Clancy
Killymoon   W. Taylor
Kilmaconnell   W G Laverty/ Billy
Kimberley (with Bugles)   F. Poole
King Cotton   Video   J.P. Sousa
Kings Guard, The   McCoy
Kingsmere   J. Murdie
Kings Review, The   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Klondyke Post   L.A. D'Egville
Kneller Hall   J. Ord Hume
Knight of St. Patrick   S.V. Balfour
Knight of The Garter   F McCoy
Kiss-Me-Good-Night-Sgt-Maj   Art Noell & Don Pelosie
Kobenhavner March   Soren Sorensen
Kosovo March   Traditional
La Belle France   L Francia
La Festive   William H Turpin
La Marseillaise   Traditional
La Medaille Militaire   D/M Albert Shrimpton
La Morisque   Old fife Music
La Traviata (Troop)   Verdi
Laings Nek   John Wall
Lamb and Flag   W. Pannall
Lament For Black Sunday   John & Luke Wall
Land of My Fathers   Traditional
Lara's Theme   Traditional
Lassie From Lancashire   Traditional
Last of the Summer Wine   Ronnie Hazelhurst Arr Brick
Latin American Medley   Traditional
Latin Mix   Traditional
Latin Mix II   Arr Hall, Sutton, Wall
Legs Eleven   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Le Ancre   J. McGuirk
Le Cateau   J. Winter
Le Chevauchee   John Wall
Le Conquerant   J. Ord Hume
Le Nil Bleu    (the Blue Nile)   E. S. Ashby
Le Petite Tambour   Traditional
Le Reve Passe     Video   Krier & Helmer
Le Tambour Major Video   William H Turpin
Left Incline   A H Perrin
Left Right and Centre   Mike Davis
Les Enfants   Manos Hadjidakis Arr BRICK
Les Huguenots   G. Meyerbeer
Let Erin Remember   Traditional
Let The Hills Resound   S. Winton
Light And Airy   A. J. Duffield
Lillibet   Mike Davis
Lilliburlero   Traditional
Lilly The Pink   Traditional
Light of Foot    Video   C. Latann
London Bridge   F. Hudson
London Lads   F. Hudson
London Town   Arr Barry Brook
London's Own   Mike Davis
Long Shanks   M Carta
Look At Those Anglians   Video   Arr Wilco
Lord Lovart's Lament   Traditional
Lord of the Dance    Video   Arr Stu Sutton
Lordswood   Mike Davis
Love Theme from the God Father   Nino Rota
Lovely Nancy - The Greenwood Tree   Folk Song
Loyal & True   John Wall
Loyal Tunes   Traditional
Lucy Tania   F. Joyce
Luftwaffe   Goodwin
Luftwaffe (short version)  Video   Goodwin arr GT
Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Me   Milton Burle - Budy Arnold
Lyndhurst   Drum Major Tom Birkett
Machine Gun Guards   E Marechal
Machine Gun Platoon   John Wall
Maconochie   John Wall
Madaleine   A. J. Duffield
Made to Parade   Glenn Millar
Mafeking   Fred H. Poole
Maferking   John Wall
Major Hall   John Wall
Major Horsfall                Video   John Wall
Major Lawton (ACF)   John Wall
Major Powell   Drum Major Tom Birkett
Major Robinson   Wilco
Mandolinata   Emile Paladilhe
Mandora (Retreats)   J. Winter
Manetta   W.H. Turpin
Manhattan Beach   John P Sousa
Manu Et Corde   W. Pannell
March from Moses in Egypt   C. Grose Arr Wall
March Medley (one for the Rd)   Arr C Langcaster
March of the Belgian Parachutists   Pierre  Leeman  Arr Brich
March of the Kings Company (No 1)   Anon
March of The May Fly's   John Wall
March in Overture   Unsure
March Lorraine     Louis Ganne
March of The Little Pierrots   Auguste Bose
March of the Old Soldiers   John Wall
March On   J.F. Goulding
March On To Berlin   Arr byJ. Winter
Marche Des Petits Pierrots   C. Hudson
Marche Militaire   FP Schubert
Marches of The Red Coats   Traditional
Marching Along-with bugles   Parfitt
Marching Americana   American Traditional
Marching Home   W. Halsey
Marching Matilda   Arr John Wall
Marching North to South   Arr Stuart Sutton
Marching Thro Georgia   Arr. F. Joyce
Marching With Disney   Verious Arr John Wall
Marcia Dall Rinaldo   Handle
Maria Theresia XIX   Arr. Chris Dawe
Marines Hymn    Video   Arr Tim Clarke
Mark Time   Alf H. Perrin
Marsch Der Schweizer Landsknechte   Old fife Music 1482
Mary of Argyle   J. Marr
Mary Poppins Selection No. 1   RM & RB Sherman
Mary's Boy Child-Oh My Lord   Hairston,Farian,Jay
Marzo Neapolitan   Giovanni Parete
Match of The Day   Arr P. McCarthy
May Blossom   Wier
May Day March   W. Mc Gannan
McCloskies Wedding   Albert Shrimpton
McGregor Frae Greenock   Pannall
McNamara's Band   Traditional
Medicine & Duties   John Wall
Medicine And Duty   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Meeanee   Norman
Melodie D'Amour   Arr. W. Gillespie
Memento Mori   John Wall
Memories of The Past   H. Gillespie
Men of Harlech          Video   Traditional
Mena Camp   Foxwell
Menin Gate   J. McGuirk
Mentor   Luck & John Wall
Mercer                      Video   McGannon
Mexican Hat Dance   Arr John Wall
Midsomer Murders   Jim Parker
Mighty Band of Brothers   M Dott
Milanollo   Hamm Johann Valentin
Military Escort   H Bennett
Minerva   G. Lea
Minerva's Pride   John Wall
Minden   A . Norman
Misunderstood   John Wall
Molly Bawn   Arr. T. A. Pennikett
Moonlight Revels   W. Edge
Moray Firth  Video   MacKenzie
Moray Firth   in C Major   Arr. W. Douglas
Morning Has Broken   Cat Stevens
Morshead   Luke & John Wall
Mothers of The Regiment   Luke Wall
Mouldy Old Dough   R. Woodward
Mountain Echoes   D Parfitt
Moygannon   W.B. Blythe
Mud Cabin             Video   Traditional
Mud Cabin Medley   Arr John Wall
Mull of Kintyre       Video   Paul McCartney
Mummy's little Soldier   Arr John Wall
Mummies Little Soldier II   Arr Brick & Flint
Musebrook   W. H. Turpin
Music of the Night   Webber, Hart & Stilgoe
Music Hall Medley No 1   Traditional
Music Hall Medley No 2   Arr Stu Sutton
Musical Moments   Arr H. Gillespie
Musket Fife and Drum   Arr Stu Sutton
Muss I Denn (wooden Heart)   Traditional
Muzurka   W. Pannell
My Boy Willie   Arr John Wall
My Fair Dorset Maid    Thomas Casterbridge
My Fair Lady   Lerner and Loewe
My Grandfathers Clock   Henery Clay 1876
My Oath   John Wall
My Regiment   H.L. Blankenburg
National Emblem   Arr. Douglas
Nelson's Call   Charles Vanis.
Nemesis   John Wall
New Days   John Wall
New Ways   John Wall
New World   Dvorak Arr John Wall
Niagara Falls   W. Pannel
Nightingale's Own   Stu Sutton
Nimrod   Edward Elgar  Arr Brick
No 16. Ramanza   Berbiguier Op. 72
No Mans Land   Erick Bogle  Arr John Wall
No Retire   Fred. H. Poole
Normandy   T. Olney
North Howard Street Mill   John Wall
Northumbrian Collection Duets   Traditional
Now is the Moneth of Maying   Old fife Music
Now To The Maypole Haste   Old fife Music
Notebook   Johann Sebastian Bach
Nuff-Sed   W. Pannall
Nulli Secundus   F. McCoy
O'Brian's Delight   W. Mc Gannan
O For The Wings of a Dove   Mendelssohn Arr Brick
O' Holy Night   Trad arr. Sutton & Wall
Oklahoma Medley   Rogers & Hammerstein
O-Mio   Puccini
Oakdale   W. H. Turpin
Oakwood   F. Hudson
Ode To Joy   Beethoven
Officer of the Day   Ruddick
Old Bill   F. C. Burdett
Old Bones   John Wall
Old Chums    Video   Fred H. Poole
Old Coldstream March N01   Trad
Old Coldstream March No2   Trad
Old Coldstream March No3   Trad
Old Comrades   C. Teike
Old Ironsides   John Wall
Old Music Hall Waltz Medley   Arr Stu Sutton
Old Pals   F. Hudson
Old Ways   John Wall
Oliver (from the musical)   Lionel Bart's
Oliver (extracts from The Musical)   Lionel Bart Arr Brick
Omnia Audax   E. Ruddick
On Enlistment   John Wall
On Parade   Arr. P. McCarthy
On Pirbright Green   John Wall
On The Countermarch   Luke & John Wall
On The Frontier   Fred. H. Poole
On The Left   Stu Sutton
On The Road To Passchendaele   A. N. Abbott.
On The Square    Video   F Panella Arr P Lindsay
On The Quarter Deck   K. J. Alford
Once A Drummer   J. Wall & L.Ash
One Hundred Up   John Wall
Onward Christian Soldiers   W.R.
Oom Pah Pah   Mike Hall
Operation Banner   John Wall
Operation Corporate   John Wall
Operation Mortorman 1972   John & Luke Wall
Orange Lilies   F. C. Burdett
Orangefield   William Love
Orient   D. Parfitt
Ormiston   Arr Gillespie
Oswald   William H Turpin
Oswald The Second   William H Turpin
Oudenarde   Johnson
Our Bonnie Smoggy Lad   John Wall
Our Boys   W. McGannan
Our British Boys   D. Parfitt
Our Director   Bigelow
Our Jean   Dowson & Brick
Our Prince   Charles Le Thiere
Our Tribute (OverLord 6th |June1944)   John & Luke Wall
Out Of The Blue   Hurbert Bath
Outside The Sentries   John Wall
Over the Hills   W. H. Turpin
Over There   George M Cohan
OVERLORD   Cohan - Muir -Alford
Pageantry   Stanley
Parabelum 9mm   Brick & Flint Wall
Parade of the Tin Soldiers   Leon Jessel
Passchendaele   W.J.C. Hekker
Pass Me By   Cy Coleman Arr J Wall
Patriots All   Various Arr John Wall
Patriotic Medley   Traditional
Peace and Plenty   W. B. Blythe
Peasmarsh   W. Pannall
Pebbels in The Desert   John Wall
Pedro the Fisherman     Video   Arr Simpson/Stu Sutton
Pembroke   F. J. Battle
Penny Arcade   Sammy King Arr J Wall
Peshawar   F. Joyce
Perrys Promise   John Wall
Piccoli Amici   ArrLuke & John Wall
Physical Drill Tunes X 15   D. Parfitt
Pineglen   D/M Tom Birkett
Pipes of Pan   Arr Stu Sutton
Pizzicato Polka   Arr John Wall
Plink Plank Plonk   Leroy Anderson
Poitiers   John Wall
Points of War (The Salute)   Traditional
Pokarekare Ana   Hayley Westenra
Polovtsian-Dance   Alexander Borodin
Polyushko Polye   Russian Traditional
Pomp and Circumstance   Edward Elgar
Poor Johnny Lackland   M Carta
Poor Old Mike   Arr F McCoy
Portland Maid   Lester Ladd
Portsmouth   Traditional
Portway   William H Turpin
PQ17   John Wall
Preciosa   M. Devery
Press Battalion   J. Puzey
Presto  (galop)    Video   William H Turpin
Pride of Princess Street   Traditional
Prince Regent   C Richardson
Promenade, The   A. Lee
Prussian Glory    Video   Traditional
Pub Favourites No1   Traditional Pub Songs
Pub Favourites No2   Traditional Pub Songs
Pub Favourites No3   Arr Stu Sutton
Pub Favourites No4   Traditional Pub Songs
Punchinellom   William Rimmer
Punjaub   C. Payne
Quebec   F. Joyce
Quetta   F. Joyce
Queen of Battle    Video   Goulding
Quarter Column   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Quis Separabit   John Wall
Quondo,Quondo,Quondo   Tony Renis- Arr Brick
Radetzky    Video   J Strauss
R.A.F. March Past   Walford Davies
Ragtime Marsch   Christoph Ahlemeyer
Ragtime Medley   Scott Joplin
Rain Duo   Traditional
Rainy City   Arr Alan Brookes
Rally Round The Flag Boys   Arr. L/Sgt Carson
Ramblin Rosie   John Wall
Ramillies   F. Joyce
Rangoon   Pannell
Ravendale   F. Hudson
Red Rose   Traditional
Red River Rose   Connor & Reine arr Wall
Redgauntlet   F. McCoy
Regency   M Carta
Regency Green   Mike Davis
Regimental Romance   John Wall
Regiments of the Line   John Wall
Regina    Video   H. Johnson
Remember Louvain   John Nead
Remembrance   W.H. Turpin
Requiem for a Soldier   Michael Kamen Arr Brick
Retaliation   W. McGannan
Retreats   J. Winter
Retreat and Tattoo   Arr A. J. Duffield
Retreat Beatings   Traditional
Retreat Marches    Video   Traditional
Retreat Marches 2   Traditional
Retreat Marches 3   Traditional
Return of Tommy Atkins   D Parfitt
Right 0   William H Turpin
Richmond   Arr. W. Gillespie
Right of The Line   John Wall
Rising of the Lark   Traditional
Road To The Isles    Scottish Tradition
Road to the Isles and Barren Rocks of Aden    Video   Arr Stu & Brick
Roast Beef of Old England Video   Henry Fielding
Robin Hood   J. Goulding
Roehampton   William H Turpin
Rogues March   Traditional
Romance Militaire   Porthos B Gal
Rorkes Drift   R.A. Ridings
Rose of Jerusalem   John Wall
Rosemary in Time   John Wall
Royal Avondale   Fred H. Poole
Royal Salute   F. McCoy
Royal Tar   F. McCoy
Royal Windsor   F. McCoy
Ruby's Delight   John Wall
Rugby Anthems   Traditional
Rugeley   W. McGannan
Rule Britannia & Speed The Plough   Traditional
Rumballo   W.H. Turpin
Rushmoor   Arthur Graham
Rutherglen   A. McConnell
Sagina   Arr W.Love
Sailing   Gavin Southerland
Saint-Clements   Arr D Porter
Sambre - et - Meuse   Joseph Rauski Arr Brick
Sammy's Fancy   Traditional
Sams Boys   A. Peake
San Lorenzo   CA Silva
Santa Lucia   Trad
Sai-Wen   William H Turpin
Salamanca   F. McCoy
Sarah   Mike Hall
Sarie Marais   Wall & Brookes
Saucepans and Spitfires     Various
Saviour's Day   C. Eaton  Arr. Wall
Scarborough Fair   Simon & Garfunkel
Scarlet and Gold   Thomas
Scarlet Parade   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Scarlet Ribbons   Evelyn Danzig
Scipio   Parfitt
Scotch on the Rocks   W J G Bates Arr Brick
Scotch Selection   Traditional
Scots Medley   Traditional
Scots Royals   Traditional
Scottish Emblem   Archie A. Ellis
Sea Breezes   Arr by John Murdie
Sea Songs   Traditional
Second Battalion   D/M Tom Birkett
Second London   W. H. Turpin
See The Conquering Hero Comes   Handel
See You On The Counter March   John Wall
Selection   Traditional
Sell T Pig   John Wall
Sellengers Round   William Byrd
Semper Fidelis   Video   Sousa
Semper Impavidus   John Wall
Sempre Avanti   A. H. McConnell
Sempre Avanti   L. Francia
Send Me Away With A Smile   Traditional
Sentinel   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Seventh Royal Fusiliers   F. Joyce
Seven Tears (Sieben Tranen)   Stein & Jass
Seven Towers   H. Gillespie
Seventy Six Trombones  Video   M Wilson
Shall Trelawny Die   Arr. John Wall
Shamrock Schottische   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Shangai Lilt   Traditional
Shantalla   J. Arbuckle.
Shanties   Traditional
Sheik of Araby, The   Traditional
Ship Ahoy   Various Arr John & Luke
Shotover   F.Joyce
Show Business   Broadway
Siegfried Line   Arr S Kane
Signal March   Kleber
Silent Night   German Tradtitional
Silent Victor, The   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Silver Corp, The   Mike Davis
Silver Lake   J. Winter
Silver Shields   JohnWall
Silver Trumpeter, The  Video   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Simon & Garfunkle Medley   Simon & Garfunkle
Sing A Longa Drummer   Traditional
Sir Flutealot   John Wall
Sirius   W. McGannan
Six General Salutes   D. Parfitt
Slaidburn   W. Rimmer
Sleigh Ride   Leroy Anderson Arr. Brick
Sloop John B   Steel Band Melody's
Songs from Childhood   Vairous Traditional
Soldiers   Hulse &  Sutton
Soldier's Chorus    From Carmen
Songs From The Home Front   Traditional
Songs from the Wars   Traditional
Songs From The Parish Pump   John & Luke Wall
Songs of WWII   Video   Arr. Alan Brookes
Sons of Erin   William H. Turpin
Sons of The Brave   BidGood
Sons of The Empire   F. Joyce
Songs of the Philippines   Philippines Folk Songs
Songs of the Sea   W.H. Turpin
Songs of The Sea   Traditional
Songs of Valour   D/Maj A.Shrimpton
Sonnet to my Portland Maid   Lester Ladd
Soudan   Clement Bowman
Sound of the trumpet fife   Traditional
South American Way   J McHugh
South Armagh   Traditional
South of the Border   Kenny Arr. Hall
Spanish Romance   Traditional
Sparkling   F. Joyce
Spear Point Battalion   John Wall
Spin Wheel   Luke & John Wall
Spirit of Life   Potski Morezzo
Sprinkle Me   A. Shrimpton
St Georges Day March   John Wall
St. Jean   J. Winter
St Patricks Day   Traditional
St Peters   William H Turpin
St Vincent   W. Blower
Staffordshire Knots   Arr Peter McCarthy
Stainlemer   Trad
Stand To   F. Hudson
Standard of St George,    Video   K. Alford
Standard of St George,[Higher]   K. Alford Arr B Rawlings
Stanley   W. McGannan
Star of Cuba   F. Joyce
Star of Erin   W. McGannan
Stars and Stripes Forever   J. P. Sousa
Steady Drums and Fifes   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Steadfast and True   C. Teike
Steer My Bark To Erins Isle   Arr. D. Parfitt
Step in Style   W. Love
Step Lively   Mike Davis
Stop The Cavalry   Jona Lewie   Arr. Brick
Stout Hearted Men   S Romberg
Stranger On The Shore   Acker Bilk
Struma   W. J. C Hekker
Summer Bee's   C, S, Nutt
Summer is icumen in   Traditional
Summerday   Christoph Ahlemeyer
Sunset   Arr Stu Sutton
Suo Gan   Welsh Traditional
Surprise Symphony      Haydn
Sussex By TheSea   S Ward & Higgins
Swabbie Bobby's Locker   John Wall
Sweet Butterfly   Arr K Green
Sweet Innisfallen   D. Parfitt
Sweet Lavender   F. C. Burdett
Sweet Sabbath Strains   T.H. Wright
Sweet Sussex Lass   Playford
Swift and Sure   John Wall
Swing Away   W.G. Cheeseman
Swiss Air   F. McCoy
Talavera   John Wall
Tanks   Arr R Maughan
Tango   Karl Roth
Taverns Medley   S Sutton & G Tunesi
Taylor Made   M. Davis
Teddy Bears Picnic   Arr B Brook
Telstar & Apache   Joe Meak & J Lordan
Ten Thousand Miles Away   McCoy
Territorial Army   W.H. Turpin
Texmexmix   Traditional
Thanett   W. H. Turpin
The 6th of May   John Wall
The 21st Of April   John Wall
The Adjutant    Video   D/Major T. Birkett
The Advance Guard   J. A. Butcher
The Aerial Review   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Albany   A. McConnell
The Alliance   C. Richardson
The Allies Advance   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Amazon   F. McCoy
The Ambassador   Kotter arr Poole
The Arcade   W. McGannan
The Archers   Arr John Wall
The Artillary Alphabet   17th Trad Song
The Army Navy & Air Force   H Darewski & E Lockton
The Artillary Brigade   J.E. Beever
The Assault Pioneers   John Wall
The Australian   Charles Le Thiere
The Bank Guard   W.H. Turpin
The Battle of Stirling Bridge   Arr J. Robinson
The Beat Of The Drum   B. Hartz
The Beatles Selecton 1   Lennon & McCartney
The Belfast Ferry   D/Maj I Dowson Arr Brick
The Belle of Chicargo March   JP Sousa
The Belle Of New York   G. Kerker
The Birdie Song   W.Thomas & T.Rendall
The Black Brigade   W.H. Turpin
The Bonnie Blue Flag   Irish Traditional
The Boolyvar  De Paree   Lionel Monkton
The Bloody Fields Of Flanders  Video   J. MacLellan Arr P Carson
The Borderers   W. H. Turpin
The Boston   J.A. Garside
The Boy's Company March   Ian Dowson
The Brave Soldier   D. Davies
The Brigadier   F. McCoy
The Brides Farewell   D. Parfitt
The Bridge At Lingen   John Wall
The British Advance   Arr. W. Douglas
The British Emblem   Drum Major A. Shrimpton
The British Legion   T. BidGood
The Buckminster Beacon   John Wall
The Burma Star   John Wall
The Cameron Highlander   John Wall
The Caledonian March   Scottish Traditional
The Call   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Can Can   J Offenbach
The Carnival is Over   Traditional
The Chelsea Captive   W. H. Turpin
The Church   Arr J Murdie
The Citadel   R Diamond
The Coldsteelers   John Wall
The Coldstream   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Coldstream Association   John Wall
The Coldstream Song   Trad
The Coldstream Star   T Birkett
The Coldstreamer Jig   A.N. Hooligan
The Colour Company   W.H. Turpin
The Colours                       Video   Leo Stanley
The Commandant   J. Ord Hume
The Convent Bells   H. Stahl
The Coons Carnival   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Crown of Roses      Tchaikovsky
The Cuckoo Waltz   J E Jonasson
The Dahla Road   John Wall
The Dam Busters   Eric Coates
The Defenders   John & Luke Wall
The Donkey Serenade   Rudolf Friml
The Drum Major   J. Ord Hume
The Drum Major General   Traditional
The Drummers Call   Barry Rawling
The Drummer's Call   Traditional
The Drummers Daughter Polka   John Wall
The Drummers Lament   Trad  Arr. John Wall
The Drummers Medley    Video   Arr Greg Tunesi BEM
The Drunken Drummer Jig   John Wall
The Duke of Wellingtons March   Arr John Wall
The Duke of York   Traditional
The Eagle and Star   Video   D/Maj Mike Hall
The Easton Massacre   B. N. Mates
The Englishman   J.Wall & G Tunesi
The Entertainer   Scott Joplin
The Entry of The Gladiators   J Fucik
The Farmers Boy   Arr John Wall
The Fallen Comrade   William H. Turpin
The Fight of His Life   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Final     Traditional  WWI songs
The Five Boroughs   Oswald
The Floral Dance   K Moss Arr John Wall
The Florentina Grand March    J Fucik
The Flower Song (F Duet)   Gustave Lange
The French Maid   Walter Slaughter
The French March   Trad
The Fluter's March   Martin Hartley
The Fountain Spray   F. McCoy
The Gael   R Bain
The Gallant Brigade   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Gallant Column   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Gallant Escort   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Gallant Seventh   John Philip Sousa.
The Gatwick   C.Richardson
The General   Traditional
The Girl I Left Behind Me   Mike Hall
The Gladiator's Farewell   H. L. Blankenburg
The Glorious Vanguard   Luke & John Wall.
The Golden Laurel   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Golden Stripe   R.E. Cahill
The Grand Duchess   Offenbach
The Grand Union   John Wall
The Great Escape     Video   Ron Goodwin
The Great Little Army       K. Alford
The Great Escape {Film Virsion}   Ron Goodwin
The Green Beret   W. A. Douglas
The Greenfinch   John Wall
The Grenadier 5508    Video   Keith Barrington
The Grenadiers   Traditional
The Grey Brigade   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Guards Advance   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Guards Review   W.H. Turpin
The Guards' Success   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Happy Wanderer   Friedr W. Moller arr L Wall
The Harry Potter Theme   John Williams
The Havercake Lads   Clement Bowman
The Huntsmens Chorus   L Webber
The High High Medley   Arr John Wall
The Hussar   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Hustler   Van McCoy Arr Wall
The Imperial Eagle   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Innerskillings   Traditional
The Invaders   W. Pannell
The Invicta   C. Richardson
The Irish Collection   S. Sutton & G. Tunisi
The Irish Emigrant   W. Blythe
The Irish Guards   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Jigs   Video   Traditional
The Jolly Coons   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Jug of Punch   Trad. Arr Brick & Breeze
The Juggler   John Wall
The Junior Leader   Alan Brookes
The Keel Row   Traditional
The Key Workers   John & Luke Wall
The King of the Fairies   Traditional
The King's Commission   D. Davies
The King's Hard Bargain's   John Wall
The Last Rose Of Summer   John Stevenson
The Leaving of Liverpool   Traditional
The Lass of Richmond Hill   J. Hook, Trad Arr Wall
The Last of the Mohicans   Trevor Jones
The Leicester Cake Walk   John Wall
The Leinster   P. Salmon
The Leinster   F Joyce
The Liberty Bell   JP Sousa
The Lincolnshire Poacher   Traditional
The Little Drummer   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Little Drummer Boy   A French Folk Song
The Londoner   Traditional
The Longest Day   John Barry
The Longest Day    (Easier Part)   Arr GT & BR
Longest Day Retreat Beating   Arr L/Sgt. M. Hall
The Lord Warden   W.C. Casson
The Lumberjack            Video   J.W. Chadwick
The Mad Major   Arr. J Murdie
The Magpie March   Luke Ash
The Marauders   Mike Davis
The March of The Old Village   Cpl. Holland
The Massed Drums   F.C. Burdett
The Medic   John Wall
The Medley   P. McCarthy
The Merry Peasent   Schumann  Arr Brick
The Middy.   K. J. Alford
The Minstrel Boy + York quick step   Arr. D Parfitt
The Monkey's Wooing   F. McCoy
The Mountjoy   E.A. McPhie
The National Anthem   John Bull
The Navy Hymn   Rev. B Dykes
The Netherwold Bells   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The New Aladin   Lionel Monckton
The New Colonial    Video   R.B. Hall
The New Praetorians   John Wall
The Nighting Gale   F McCoy
The Norman   J. F. Goulding
The Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen   Scot Trad Arr Brick
The Old 39th   John & Luke Wall
The Old and Bold   John Wall
The Old Braggs   J. Foxwell
The Old Grey Mare   C. Teike
The Old Guard   Stu Sutton
The Old Praetorians   John Wall
The Old Rustic Brigade   D. Parfitt
The Old Volunteer   John Wall
The Pacer   A. H. Perrin
The Pacific Star   John Wall
The Pals Battalion   John Wall
The Peascod Street Cake Walk   Drm. Luke Wall 1 CG.
The Pet of The Regiment   W. H. Turpin
The Plantation Melody   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Poppy   F. Hudson
The Portlander   John Wall
The Prairie Flower   F Mc Coy
The Quartermaster   Arr. W. Douglas
The Queens Royals   Charled Le Thiere
The Quinton RBL   Stu Sutton
The Ramblers Jig   John Wall
The Red Cloak    Video   Mansfield
The Red Moroco   John Wall
The Red Plume   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Red Rose Cafe   Pierre Kartner
The Regimental Colonel   John Wall
The Regimental Colour   Bayliss
The Repulse   Fred H. Poole
The Resistance     Video   Fred H. Poole
The Revenge   Fred H. Poole
The Ricaby Polka   F. McCoy
The Ride of the Valkyrie   Arr Stu Sutton
The River Kwai March   Malcolm Arnold CBE
The Rochester   Fred H. Poole
The Rose II   Amanda McBroom
The Rose  (F Flute Duet)   Amanda McBroom
The Rose Designation   D/Maj I. Dowson & Brick
The Rose Of England   D. Parfitt
The Rose of Tralee & Malabar   A.T. Penniket
The Rover   Arr by J. Orde Hume
The Royal Irish   A. Peake
The Royal Standard   F. J. Battle
The Royal Union   William H Turpin
The Sailing Master   John Wall
The Saints   Traditional
The Same To You Sir   F. C. Burdett
The Scotch Greys March    Carroll
The Secret Service   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Senior Service   W. Love
The Services Medley   Traditional
The Service Of The King   D. Parfitt
The Seven Men of Moidart   Tim Clarke
The Sharpshooters   Richard Eilenberg
The Silver Birds   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Sir William Marshall March   John Wall
The Skaters Waltz   Emil Waldteufel
The Skylark   F. Joyce
The Somme Memorial   A.N. Abbott Arr W Douglas
The Southern Cross   F. Poole
The Spahdi   W.H. Turpin
The Spider   F McCoy
The Squadron Leader   A. Abbott
The State Drummer   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The St. Louis Blues   W C Handy
The Streets of Dublin   F McCoy
The Sutton Canon   John Wall
The SWB's *south Wales Borderers)   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Sword Excalibre   John Wall
The Swedish Washerwoman   Arr. K. Barrington
The Sword Of State   John Wall
The Thin Red Line   K. Alford arr W Love
The Thunderer    Video   JP Sousa
The Thunderer (easy Part)   JP Sousa
The Trap   Arr Brick & Breeze Block
The True Alliance   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Tudor Rose   D/M Tom Birkett
The Two Coldstreamers   D/M Tom Birkett
The Two Little Finches   H.K. Ling
The U.S. Air Force March   Robert Crawford
The United Conference   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Unsung Hero's   Brick & Luke Wall
The Vampire   F. McCoy
The Veterans March   Stuart Sutton
The Viking   J.A. Garside
The Vulcan   W. Pannell
The Waldeck   C. Doust
The Waldegrave   C. Richardson
The Wayward Terrier Hornpipe   John Wall
The Webmaster   John Wall
The Wellesley   Arr Tim Clarke
The West Yorks   D/M Albert Shrimpton
The Wheatsheaf   D.Parfitt
The White Horse   D. Parfitt
The White Rose   W. J. Blower
The Wild Geese    Video   Roy Budd
The Windsor Lad   John Wall
The Winning Fight   ABE Holzmann
The Yellow Rose Of Texas   Arr John Wall
The Yorkshire Lad   John Wall
The Zerzura Oasis   Luke & John Wall
The Zum Loften March   John Wall
Theme from James Bond   Norman
Theme From M.A.S.H.   Johnny Mandel
Theme from Swan Lake   Tchaickovsky
Theme From The Longest Day   Ron Goodwin
Theme From The Longest Day Concert   Ron Goodwin Arr Brick
Theme from the Quite Man   Irish Trad Arr Brick
There Be Lions   John Wall
There'll-Always-Be-An-England   Vera Lynn
There's Something About a Soldier   Traditional
Thorpes Parade   John Wall
Those Magnificent Men
in there Flying Machines
  Arr C. Blore
C. Thoung
Those Orange Drums   F. C. Burdett
Thornleigh   H.R. Mason
Three Irish Quicksteps   Traditional
Through Bolts & Bars   Ernest UrBack
Ticonderoga   L. Anderson
Time To Say Goodbye   F Sartori & L Quarantotto
Tipperary March   Judge & Williams
Tipperary Selection   Arr John Wall
Tiritomba   Gugliemo Cottrau
To Hull And Back   John Wall
To The Fray   J. Ord Hume
To Victory   H. Johnson
Toby's Blessing   John Wall
Toledo   Ord Hume
Tombola   John Wall
Toones   Arr John Wall
Tout De Suite   Burdett
Traditionaly English   English Trad Folk Tunes
Traditionaly-Nautical   Traditional
Traditionaly Scottish   Scottish Tradition
Tradtitionaly  Welsh   Welsh Tradition
Trafalgar   W Zehie
Trained Soldier   T. Birkett
Trauersang   William H Turpin
Trench Melody's   Traditional
Trio of Retreats   Traditional
Triplet   Mike Hall
Tripple Tipple   John Wall
Tritsch - Tratsch Polka   Johann Strauss
Triumph   W. Pannel
Triumphant   T. Morgan
Triumphant Spirit   John Wall
Trocadero   F. Joyce
Troika    Video   Sergei Prokofiev - Arr Brick
Troop Train   D/Maj Ian Dowson
True And Trusty   J. A. Greenwood
Trumpet Trilogy   Traditional
Trumpet Tune               Video   Traditional
Turkey In The Straw   USA Traditional
Turpin   John Wall
T.V. Themes   Ronnie Hazelhurst
Twice Round The Birthday Cake   John Wall
Two Little Boy's   Theodore F. Morse
Two's Up   John Wall
Ulsterman   J. Ord Hume
Ulster's Charge   W. Hamilton Burns
Uir Wee Davie   Lilly Wight
Unchained Melody   From Ghost
Under Freedoms Flag   F. Nowowieski
Under One Flag   D. Parfitt
Under The Double Eagle    Video   J F Wagner
Underneath The Banner   Foster
United Empire   D/M Albert Shrimpton
United Nations   Arr J Baxter
Unter Donner Und Blitz   Johann Struss
Valtz Medley   Arr John Wall
Veloce Polka   John Wall
Vendetta    Video   Bailey
Veterans on Parade   John Wall
Vicoria's Own   O. Kockert
Victory Beatings Cardiff Castle   Arr Alan Brookes
Victory Beatings Chorlton   Arr Alan Brookes
Viennese March   Theodor Schrammel
Viscount Nelson   W. Zehle
Vittoria   E. Brambleby
Voice of The Guns   K. J. Alford
Volante   John Wall
Volkslied   Traditional
Waggy   Mike Davis
Wait For The Wagon   R Bishop Buckley
Waldmere   F. H. Losey
Walking In The Air   Howard Blake
Wallace And Gromit Theme   J. Nott
Waltz Cordonna   Mike Davis
Waltzing Matilda   Arr. Mike Hall
Wandering Star   From Paint your Wagon
War Some More   Traditional
Washingtons Artillary March   US Fife Tune
Washington Grays   C. S. Grafulla
Washington Post   Video   Sousa
Waves of The Danube   Ion Ivanovici
Waverley   W. McGannan
We'll Meet Again   Parker & Charles
Wellington   W Zehle
Wellington   Clement Bowman
Westward Ho   Video   G. Lea
Welsh Medley   Arr. S Ward
Westgate   A.J. Duffield
When A Child is Born   Zacar
When Irish Eyes are Smiling   Irish Traditional
When Johnny Comes Marching Home   USA Traditional
When-Johnny-Comes-Marching-Home-2   USA Trad Arr Brick
When the King Enjoys his own   Arr. Mike Hall
When The Saints Go Marchign in   Traditional
When This Lousy War Is Over   Traditional
Whisky and Soda   Dr. L Burckhardt
White Chateau   W. B. Blythe
Wien Bleibt Wien   Schrammel
Wilcos Joy   John Wall
Wild Mountain Thyme, Rowan Tree   E.A. McPhie
Wild Rover   Irish Airs
Will Ye No Come Back Again   Arr H Gillespie
Will You Come To The Bower   Arr John Wall
Wings   WJ Newstead Arr BR
Winifred   W. McGannan
With Fife & Gun   USA Traditional
Whistler   Drum Major I. Dowson
Whistler and His Dog   arr Barrington
Whitton   F.C. Burdett
With Banners Flying   A. Shrimpton
With Sword & Lance   Hekker
Wolfe's Own   H. B. Bailey
Woodburn   W. Douglas
Woodvale   W. B. Blythe
World in Union   Gustav Holts
Y Viva Espana   Caerts, Thomas & Randall
Yankee Doodle   Traditional
Yankee Doodle Boy     G MCohan arr John Wall
Ye Banks And Braes   Scottish Air
Ye Musik  General Fife Music   Traditional
Yellow Bird   Norman Lusoff
Yellow Submarine   Lennon & McCartney
Yorckscher Marsch   Arr Tim Clarke
Yorkshire Bite   Traditional
Yorkshires Finest   John Wall
You Raise Me Up      Lovland/Graham
Young England   R.B. Mason
Ypres   D/M Albert Shrimpton
Zero Charlie   John Wall
Zip A Dee Doo Dah   A Wrubel and R Gilbert