The Yorkshire Corps of Drums Drums & Flute/Fife Foundation Guide       If you are having problems playing the music press here
Please note - not all the marches will play music, the ones with the Orange squares will play music. Green Squares are written music only. The ones in Yellow are the latest additions,
Updated 23rd February  2018
The Yorkshire Droumes & Ffyfes

3 Lilies    
17th Century Music   54 from 17th Century
17th Century The Posture   17th Century Tunes
30th Regt    
A Blind Lover    
A Parade For 3 Flutes    
A Virgin of 15 Years    
Abel'e March    
Ah Ca IRA   Year 1796
Air by Lully    Bremner Miscellany  1765
Air by Monteclair   Year 1720
Ataque O Carga    
Aupre's De Ma Blonde   Trad
Baslerdybli   Walti Saladin
Bede Voor Het Vaderlanf   Arr voor Pijpers
Bedfordshire's March   Trad
Begone Dull Care     Video   17th Century
Bellisle-March   1763
Black Mary's Hornpipe   1790
Brandwine   Trad
Cast My Love Thine Eyes Around   Trad
Chain Cotillion   Arr Jogn C Moon
Charlottenburg   Arr Mike Hall
Cheer up Buller   Trad
Chester 22nd   Trad
Chester Castle   Year 1780
Colonel Bernaby   Trad
Costla Bay   Irish Trad
Count Saxes March   Trad
Der Vaudois   Gustave Doret
Dr Dritt Vars   Christoph Walliser
Drei Lilien   Paul Muller
Drie Schuintamboers     A.J. Peetoom
Drum and Fife   F. Hudson
Drummers Call   Year 1815
Duke of Gloucesters March   T. Bennett
Duke of York's March   Trad
Duke Williams March   Trad
Dzitte Vazs   Trad
Earl of Surrey's March   Trad
East Yorks Militia    Trad
En Passant Par La Lorraine   Trad
Erzherzog-Albrecht March   K. Komzac
Fife Tunes 1 & 2   Trad 1651-1656
Finnlandisher   Trad
French Marines   W.E. White
Groeten 22   Trad
Jenny Lind Polka   Old Dance Tune
La Morisque   Old fife Music
Malbrough S'en Va-T-en Guerre   Trad
Marsch Der Schweizer Landsknechte   Old fife Music 1482
Now is the Moneth of Maying   Old fife Music
Now To The Maypole Haste   Old fife Music
Ptyffec   Trad
Pfeifer March   Year 1522
Stanzler   Trad
When the King Enjoys his own