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UPDATED 13th February 2020

Confirmed Jobs 2020 to date
The Steve Atkin Memorial Practice will be held at;

The Comrades of the Great War Club,

2 Bennetthorpe,



On Saturday 7th March 2020 at 1000hrs – 1600hrs.

Members of the Old Coldstream Corps of Drums, please remember to bring a small raffle prize, with you. This helps off set the cost of the buffet.
At the time of writing, I am hoping that the OCCoD Drum Major, Sammy McIlree MBE will be well enough to once again take control. I will keep you posted.
Old Coldstreamers can I remind you that our annual meeting will follow straight after the practice. Any proposals should be forwarded to Jed asap.
1. Semper Fidelis (In remembrance of our Comrades who are no longer with us)
2. Hazelmere
3. The Thunderer
4. For Flag and Empire
5. Ashmore
6. Birdcage Walk
7. Boer War Echoes
8. Children of The Regiment
9. The Coldstream Drummers Reunion
10. Death or Glory
11. Flying Eagle
12. Gladiators Farewell

Dinner Break

1. Galanthia (Sorry Stu, you can play what you like)
2. Prussian Glory
3. Hero’s on Parade
4. Mary of Argyle
5. National Emblem
6. Old Comrades
7. Radetzky
8. Roehampton
9. Mc Namara’s Band
10. The Lumberjack
11. New Colonial
12. Stars and Stripes for Ever.

The Society will be holding a muster on Saturday 23rd May 2020 which will be held at Kendrew Barracks, Cottesmore.

With the idea to all participate and a way to improve groups and Individuals Musical ability.
The format for the day has not yet been finalised, and would depend on the number of Corps and groups attending.
Could I ask all those wishing to attend please email me back, and I will email of the required information from the Camp
If any of you that wish to attend have any specific ideas on how the day is to be run, please also include in the email
Dave Lear

Royal Anglian RHQ Minden day Sunday 2nd August 2020

I am writing to gauge the level of support for once again providing a combined Corps of Drums for the above weekend to be held at Bury St Edmund's Suffolk?  Brick, Dowie and Marty have indicated a willingness to take part again. This opportunity is once again a direct result of the weekend not scoring high enough to warrant a military band. My aim is to achieve a Combined Corps of  Drums of at least 16 (last year we had 17), If interested reply to this email.

The day will generally follow last year's outline, arriving on the Saturday afternoon, practice, few beers, lead the parade Sunday and play from around stands (disperse by 1600 Sunday). I have asked if we could have more exposure regards at the end of the parade the Corps of Drums marching past the Officer taking the salute and a possible march around the site leading younger veterans past a saluting point in the afternoon. The parade was very short last year (lasting 12 minutes including march on and off), 3 x 45 sessions playing from stands. Many on parade, as were last year will be ex members of the Suffolk Regiment all being at least 79 years of age, hence the short parade. My plan is to divide the fee once again between those attending so as to help with fuel costs. I am now starting to plan for this weekend, however this is dependent on suitable accommodation being provided by RHQ Royal Anglian and being able to achieve a Corps of Drums of at least 16.

This weekend last year was very relaxed, enjoyable with our efforts and music greatly appreciated. The general feedback I received via, Thank you letters, emails, general social media comments, were  comments such as "outstanding", "brilliant", "made the parade" etc. The issue of accommodation is being persuade BY RHQ Royal Anglian with detailed planning starting this month. I will keep all updated.


PS Any like minded enthusiasts are welcome to attend.

"Once a Drummer Always  Drummer"

Pickering 1940s Wartime Weekend - 09/10/11 October 2020

Goole  Remembrance Day Parade Sunday 8th Nov 2020.

All players welcome to all jobs.