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Daily Detail of what is next, engagements, or meetings,  read visit to Catterick School of music.  PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE   plus the daily detail. Drummers news letter 2.
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Pickering North Yorkshire WW2 Day a brill day out
Pictures from Pickering WWII Day 2005 & 2006 2007/8
Veteran's Day celebrations at Leeds Armouries
Catterick Drummers Weekend November 2007
Catterick Drummers Weekend November 2008
Pictures from Pickering WWII Day 2005 & 2006
Pictures from Goole Remembrance Day Parade 2005
Pictures from Eden Camp Remembrance Day Parade 2005
Flute & Drum Music we play at functions, click on the Marches  underlined for more information
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Greg Tunesi   Reflections of an old Drum Major
Keith Barrington  Grenadier 5508
Words to the British Grenadiers
Alan Brookes arr.       Rainy City
Peter McCarthy     See  Drum Majors of the 1st Bn The Green Howards
Click on Guild, Membership is available to serving and ex members of Regular and Territorial Army Corps of Drums. Membership is achieved by simply registering with the Guild. There is no membership fee; however,voluntary financial contributions are welcome, Note the Guild is still being worked on.
Flute Techniques
The Honourable Artillery Company based at Armoury House in the City of London is the oldest unit in the British Army with an established Corps of Drums dating back to the late 1500ís The Corps long and distinguished history has seen it parade at the funeral of Oliver Cromwell in 1658, lead the regiment out of Armoury House to both World Wars and in recent years Public Duties in London and Windsor plus many ceremonial duties within the city of London.
In early June each year the HAC Drummers Association host a musical weekend for its members and guests at their regiments Shooting Lodge at Bisley close to Pirbright Camp, sadly however this came to an end in the summer of 2011,
Learning to play to flute?
How The Flute Works
Bb Flute Fingering Chart
Basic reading programme 1
Regimental Coordinators
The Guards Division Corps of Drums Association  It was in September 2004 that a Grenadier Guards Drummers Re-Union was held at the Grenadier Guards Club Windsor, where during the proceedings Ex Drummers were invited to take up Instruments for an impromptu General Practice with the visiting Corps of Drums of the HAC Drummers Association. See our page. Newsletter No 4
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The Guild Form
NewsLetter  No 5
NewsLetter  No 6
The Yorkshire Corps of Drums are enthusiastic supporters of the YORKSHIRE CADET TRUST which makes grants for the benefit of cadets requiring assistance to attend camps, courses, training and to participate in sports, games, competitions, expeditions and other adventurous training plus the provision of grants for the purchase of suitable clothing and equipment for such purposes. Please help support the Yorkshire Cadet Trust.

In September 2001 and 2004 we ran two very successful meetings at Catterick and Leeds, in both cases attracting over 60 players from all over the UK.
Click on North Music Meeting to read about this Years music weekend in Leeds. Next meeting TBC
North Meet 2007
Goole Parade
We are hoping to get as many manuals as possible to help with flute and drum corps training, if you have a manual you think could help with training and would not mind letting us use it, please drop us an e-mail.
Were looking for enthusiastic people who would like to play in our Corps of Drums, whether you play or not and would like to play we can help you to learn, were looking for Flute players Bb, F Flute or piccolo players, also Side drummers bugle cymbal players,  If your interested, give us a call.
Members so far
Drum & Flute/Fife Foundation
Elements of Music
A lot of work is being put in to making the music page, we have a lot of parts missing  if you can help
completing these part please e-mail me address at the bottom of the page thanks.
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The-Yorkshire-Droumes-&-Ffyfes are memebers of The Yorkshire Corps of Drums who enjoy playing 16th & 17th Fife music

'Aim Not Too High'
'Gathering Peacods'
'La Morisque'
'None Such'
'Now Is The Moneth Of May'
'Prince Ruperts March'
'Twenty Ninth Of May'
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