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In the Autumn of 2005 the Drumming Wing of the Army School of Ceremonial returned to Catterick. This return sparked the idea of an evening of music bringing together the staff and students of the Drumming Wing and the Yorkshire Corps of Drums.
So on 29th March 2006 seventeen members of the Yorkshire corps of Drums made their way to Scotton Hall, Vimy Barracks, Catterick for a varied and enjoyable evening.

We were personally and warmly welcomed to the wing by Captain Steve Boyd MBE IG, Officer Commanding and by WO2 Shaun Huggins, Senior Drum Major and were immediately impressed with the structure and set up of the organization.
As soon as everyone had assembled the members of the Yorkshire Corps of Drums were treated to a conducted tour, to observe the students at their stand practice on bugles, Bb flutes, F flutes and percussion. It was very interesting to observe the instructors, generally experienced Lance Sergeants and Corporals, from the Foot Guards, Infantry of the Line and Light Division coaching their students to gain the very best out of them.

After the tour we all came together in the general practice room, some sixty five of us in total, where initially the Light Division student buglers demonstrated their already impressive bugling skills. The Buglers fell out and then we joined the students and instructors to play some drum and flute music that the students were currently learning.

We were all very impressed by the progress made after just six weeks at the Drumming Wing, a great credit to the skills and commitment of the instructors and to the application of the students.

When the remainder of the students fell out the Drumming Wing staff and instructors joined forces with the YCoDís members to have a good blow under the leadership of Shaun Huggins. The music included The Resistance, an excellent march by Frederick Poole, which we had never played before, The silver Trumpeter, Household Brigade, Galanthia, Hazelmere, Luftwaffe March, Codrington and Pagentry. Steve Boyd joined the musical ranks and made himself heard on both the Bass Drum and the F Flute!

At around 21.30 we packed away the instruments and the parts and tucked into the sandwiches and beers which had so kindly been prepared for us and made full use of the opportunity to get to know each other. A great evening for all.
As I was driving home it was pleasing to reflect on a brilliant evening and to take heart in the commitment, enthusiasm and results being achieved at the Drumming Wing which should enable the Battalions to retain the wonderful heritage of drums, flutes a bugling for generations to come.

Greg Tunesi BEM

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