Members Name e-mail Address Instrument Former Regiment/Unit
  Total Members   0077    
David Arundel Bb The Scots Guards/YCoD
David Barlow Percussion RA Association Corps of Drums
Roy Barnes Percussion REME & Wessex Military Band   GDCoDA
Keith Barrington Bb The Grenadier Guards/YCoD
Bob Barron Percussion,Bugle,BD,Cym. The Grenadier Guards
James Bennett F Flute The Grenadier Guards
Emma Bentham Bb Army Cadets/YCoD
Stuart Blackburn Flute Bugle 1 PWO
Stephen Boyd MBE F Flute The Irish Guards
Ian Brooke Bb The 2nd Bn The Coldstream Guards/YCoD
Alan Brookes Bb - F Flute BB/YCoD & Associate member
Colin Car Percussion - Bugle RA/3 PWO/YCoD
Roy Cox Percussion The Coldstream Guards
Nobby Clark   Bb 1st Bn Grenadier Guards/YCoD
Alan Conn Percussion The Green Howards
Robert A Cooper B.A.(Hons) Percussion - Bugle-Bb The Light Infantry,  Yorkshire Volunteers, The 3rd Bn Duke of Wellington's Regiment.
Ron Cooper   Drum Major - Bass Drum REME/YCoD
Peter Chambers Percussion Royal Engineers
Michael Cheeseman Percussion - Tenor Drum Army Apprentice School Arborfield
David Dalgleish   Bb - Bugle The Green Howards/YCoD
Michael Davis Bb-Eb-Picc-F-Bass Flute-Cym-Drum- Bass Drum The Royal Anglian Regiment /HAC/GDCDA
Malcolm Davies Percussion - Bugle The Royal Welch Fusiliers(23rd)
Rob Downie Bb Flute & Percussion The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment
Mark Eldridge Percussion Side Drum Bass Drum Cymbals Bugle 1st Bn Grenadier Guards & 5 PWRR (v)
Paul Ferguson Bb  
Iain Foster-Poole Bb & Piccolo 2nd Bn Grenadier Guards
James Clive Douglas Bb The Honourable Artillery Company
Matthew Charles Foy Bb Flute Tenor Drum 1Queens, 2PWRR 1D&D 1DDLI going to 2RRF/DMaj
Peter R Garthwaite Percussion - Bugle Ist Battalion The Yorkshire Volunteers/YCoD
Frank Green Bb The Grenadier Guards
Colin Michael Hall Percussion - Bugle - Tenor Drum -Cym The Welsh Guards
Brian Harrod Bb-Eb-Picc-F-Bass Flute-Cym-Drum- Bass Drum The Honourable Artillery Company
Michael Donald Hebden Bb - F - Percussion Bass Cym Tenor, The Honourable Artillery Company
Malcolm Hooson F Flute The Welsh Guards/HAC
Andrew Horner   Percussion 3rd Bn PWO/YCoD
Shaun Huggins Percussion & Bb Flute The Royal Anglian Regiment
John Richard Ireland Percussion & Bugle Gren Gds; Queens Own Buffs; Queens Regt
Steve Jones Bugle 2 RGJ, 2 Ghurka Rifles (KEOGR), 5LI, 1 West Midlands Regt
Colum Keenan Bb Flute, Bass Flute,Tenner Drum & Cymbals 1st & 2nd Bn The Coldstream Guards
Jason King Bb flute, pipe drum, side drum, bugle currently learning:F flute, 1st Bn Grenadier Guards/CoD
Dave Kirby Bb Flute,Percussion,Bugle, Bass Drum 2 Queens, 2 PWRR, 3(v) PWWR
Mike Knibbs Bugle, Tenor Drum, Side Drum, Bass Drum and cymbals 2 Queens, Bugle band at HMS Ganges
Robert Lawrance Bass Drum 1 PWO
Roger Lumb Bass Drum YCoD & Associate member
Simon Marcus Eb - F + Tenor Drum The 1st Bn The Coldstream Guards
Gregory Master-Jewitt Bb The Honourable Artillery Company
Paul Maxwell Bugle, Tenor Drum, Bass Drum Kings Own Border Regiment
Peter Nightingale Bb - Eb The 1st Bn The Coldstream Guards
Steve Mycroft Bb - Bugle The 2nd Bn The Coldstream Guards/YCoD
Peter McCarthy BEM Bb The Green Howards/YCoD
Christopher Michael Parry Percussion, Bugle, Bass Drum Royal Corps of Transport
Robert Playforth F - Bugle The Green Howards/YCoD
Mark Miller   Percussion REME/YCoD
Robert Lewin Percussion The Queens Lancashire Regiment/YCoD
Terence A. Pankhurst Bugle, Side Drum, Bass Drum and cymbals 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery & Thanet Highland Pipes & Drums
David Parkman Piccolo Bugle Bass Drum 2nd Bn Grenadier Guards
Martyn Pearson F Flute The Honourable Artillery Company
David Andrew Pemberton Bb Flute, Bass Drum 3rd (v) Bn. The Royal Welsh Regiment.
William Prendergast BEM Bb - Bugle Percussion RCT Corps of Drums
Mike Price Drum Major ACF The Green Howards/SHQ SELACF
Barry Rawlings Bb - F York & Lancaster Regt/YCoD
David Ritchie Bb - Bass Drum The 1st Bn The Coldstream Guards/YCoD
George Routledge Bb The 2nd Bn The Coldstream Guards/YCoD
Paul Schofield Percussion CLB
Martin Damian Scott Bb - Bugle The 2nd Bn The Coldstream Guards
Dennis Smith Bugle - Percussion ACF
Andy Stacey Percussion Devon Army Cadets Corps of Drums
David William Stead Percussion - Bass Drum - Tenor Drum The Green Howards/150 Transport Regiment Royal Logistic Corps Band and Dums in Hull
Marc Storer Bb Flute - Bugle 2nd Bn The Grenadier Guards
Stuart Sutton Bb The Coldstream Guards/HAC
Daniel Swain Percussion, Bugle, Bass Drum, Cym 2nd Bn The Royal Anglian Regiment
Peter Taylor Percussion The Grenadier Guards/GDCDA
Greg Tunesi Percussion/Bb The Honourable Artillery Company/YCoD
John Wall Bb & F Flute The 2nd Bn The Coldstream Guards
Martin Wilson Percussion - Bass Drum Bugle The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding)
Phil Woods Bb The 2nd Bn The Coldstream Guards/YCoD
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Guild Members
Membership of the Guild is available to all serving and ex members of British Army Regular and Territorial Army Corps of Drums. If you would like to join please fill in the form on the Guild Page. This will also be an Excellent media for contacting old comrades.
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