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Updated 31st  August  2006
                           GUARDS DIVISION

Major (Rtd) Denis Burton. ARCM psm (Grenadier Guards).

Vice Presidents:-                                                                                                   Hon. Secretary
                         Major (Rtd) P. Horsfall MBE. Coldstream Guards.
                         Drum Major S. Miles        Grenadier Guards                                   Mr. P.R.G. Taylor (Grenadier Guards)
                         Drum Major T. Taylor       Coldstream Guards.                                Lynton, DromePath,
                         Drum Major K. Harkness  Scots Guards.                                       Winnersh,
                         Drum Major J. Ryan         Welsh Guards                                       WOKINGHAM.
                         M. Pearson. Esq.            HACDA                                                 Berkshire.
                                                                                                                           RG41 5HB.
Chairman:-         Major (Rtd) B. W. Lane. Grenadier Guards/Blues and Royals    
                                                                                                                           Tel: 0118 979 3372
Treasurer:-        S.H. Sutton. Esq. Coldstream Guards       

NEWSLETTER No 5. May 2006

                     I hope you have been, and are still enjoying this bout of fine Sunny weather, lets hope it lasts for a little longer, although no doubt those of you who are keen gardeners would disagree vehemently.
                     Since the last newsletter in May, we have carried out the first three engagements on this year’s calendar, and I am pleased to say all have been deemed very successful, which of course continues to give us great credibility in the Corps of Drums world. We have posted on the Yorkshire Corps of Drums Web-Site a report for each engagement, along with several photographs. We are most grateful to the Yorkshire Corps Web-Site Manager, Peter McCarthy who has produced their site, which is first class, and well worth a visit by those of you who have access to the internet, the address is: and to look at our page click on link, GDCDA.
                     Although you can see the reports on line I will give an abridged report for the benefit of those who do not yet have the on-line facilities, but before doing so, it would be quite remiss of me not to mention the annual weekend get together at Bisley on the 3rd & 4th of June, organised by the HAC Drummers Association, headed by their Chairman Martyn Pearson. This is always a must for so many Drummers, and as usual, well attended, with guests from our own Corps of Drums and the Yorkshire Corps of Drums. It appears that the scene has already been set for next year, the date for your diaries being the weekend of the 10/11th.June 2007.
This is the third occasion that the Gloucestershire Branch of the Grenadier Guards Association have taken over the Hotel for a four day Re-Union, attracting in excess of 400 Grenadiers. This year called for a special re-union as part of the celebrations of the Regiment’s 350th Anniversary of unbroken Loyalty to the Monarchy.
We had a very good turnout of 22 Drummers, made up of :- 1 Piccolo, 7 Bb Flutes, 5 F Flutes, 6 Side Drums, 1 Bass Drum, 1 Cymbals and 1 Drum Major. We commenced our performance at 10.00hrs playing incidental music for the gathering Grenadier Veterans and their wives. This was followed with a Drum Head Service, during which we played for the singing of Abide with Me, and Guide me O thou Great Redeemer Hymns, our own Silver Bugler; Chris Evans sounded a fine Last Post and Reveille. We then formed up as for marching, ready to play for the Veterans March around the Hotel lawns finishing up with an “Eyes Left” March Past. To end the proceedings we played a fifteen-minute Incidental Music program. Although it was a very hot day, and a little uncomfortable, our playing was of the highest order, and obviously appreciated by all the attendees of the Re-Union and the Organisers.

This prestige evening engagement for the Yeoman Warders and their families was to celebrate the 80th.Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen. Our numbers, which included several guest players from the Yorkshire Corps of Drums and serving members of the Honourable Artillery Company Corps of Drums totalled 28, made up of 1 Piccolo, 10 Bb Flutes, 7 F Flutes, 6 Side Drums, 1 Tenor Drum, 1 Bass Drum, 1 Cymbals, all very aptly fronted by our Guest Drum Major Warren Alexander-Pye of the HAC. Needless to say. With this number of good players, the volume and quality of playing was something not heard for many years. We formed up outside the Yeoman Warders Club, and marched up the hill to the Waterloo Barracks Square, where the Tower Guard of the Welsh Guards had already turned out in readiness, we think, of our arrival, this was very much appreciated by all on parade. We then played a varied program of incidental music to an enthusiastic audience both young and old. On completion, we marched back to the Yeoman Warders Club, quite ready for a cooling drink, and some good food. Before leaving the Tower, our host, Kevin Kitcher, arranged a viewing for us of the Ceremony of the Keys.

GARDEN PARTY, Reading Branch, Grenadier Guards Association. SATURDAY 22nd.July 2006.
After so many weeks of blistering sunshine, we turned up for this engagement to a bout of very heavy rain, which lasted for about two hours. The Venue was the Gardens of the Branch President, Major The Hon. Jeremy Monson, in the Berkshire village of Hare Hatch, midway between Maidenhead and Reading. We had a respectable turnout of Drummers, made up of, 1 Piccolo, 6 Bb Flutes, 5 F Flutes, 4 Side Drums, 1 Bass drum, 1 Cymbals, and 1 Drum Major. Due to the rain, our first session was played under canvas, but fortunately, by the time we were due to Beat Retreat, the rain had stopped, and we were once again blessed with sunshine. We played the Retreat Marches, on the march from the bottom of the Gardens, through a fine avenue of trees, and up into the Party Area. Our Silver Bugler Chris Evans sounded a creditable Retreat, after which we closed the day’s proceedings with a short program of incidental music around music stands. It has to be said, that the President’s wife, Mrs Monson managed to find time to ensure that we were all very well looked after in terms of welfare, food and drink, someone must have told her the way to a Drummers Heart!! As with our previous engagements, our playing was outstanding, and very much appreciated by the Reading Branch members and their guests.


THE HENLEY SHOW.  SATURDAY 9th.September. 2006.
A detailed Job Sheet is enclosed for those already signed up to attend. Needless to say, this is yet another Prestige engagement, with many serving and ex Guards Division Officers in attendance, including at least one Major General, so if, on checking your diaries, you find you can after all attend, please call me as soon as possible. All Drummers attending will be issued with a car park pass, (if travelling by your own transport) and an entrance Wrist Band, if you have not got these passes you will not get in. I regret, if you intend to bring family members and/or friends, they will be required to pay an entrance fee of  £2.50 per person, this is a respectable concession, as the true entrance cost on the day is £8.00. I would appreciate confirmation of your requirements by return if possible. For travelling information to the venue, please refer to your Job Sheet.

The Cocktail Party commences at 19.00hrs (7.00pm) until 21.00hrs (9.00pm)to celebrate the Regiments 350th Anniversary, we are most grateful to the Branch Chairman and Committee who have invited all playing Drummers and our wives/partners to attend the Party. The Corps of Drums will be playing a Retreat type program at 20.30hrs for about 30 minutes. Please let me know by return either by email or telephone if you are going to attend, and also if with a guest. I have to advise the organisers within 14 days from 18th August, for catering purposes. It would be very much appreciated if we could have a good turnout of players to show our gratitude to the Branch for allowing us the use of the Club facilities for our General Practices.

At the moment we have 20 Drummers signed up for the Parade, but we do require several more Flute Players, please re-check your availability for this very important Parade, which is considered to be the largest in the country after London. Due to the distance and the early start on the day, we are trying to arrange Saturday night stay over accommodation, so to this end we need to know numbers and names to go ahead with the arrangements by, or at, the next Practice on Sunday 3rd.September.

This is a repeat of last year, which ended our year of engagements in a true party mood. Those who attended last year, I feel sure will not want to miss out on this one!!
PRACTICE DATES: Sun.3rd.Sept…Sun.8th.Oct….Sun.26th.Nov.. at the Windsor Club.

NB. The order of Dress for all engagements remains the same, and as a reminder, is as follows :-
        Navy Blue Blazers (Double or Single Breasted), Dark Grey Trousers, White Shirts with Regimental Ties, Highly     
        Polished Black Shoes, and Berets. Medals to be worn only for the Bristol Parade (Full size Medals, not
        Miniatures), Poppies to be worn behind the Beret Cap Badge.

We now have a set of Six Side Drum Carriages, and have taken delivery of a New Premier Bass Drum. We give thanks to David Leech, of Potters Aldershot, for giving us such a preferential deal on this equipment, and also for donating a second hand Bass drum for Practice session use. Progress is being made on the Rain Jacket front, and it is hoped to have a fully made up sample for approval at the next meeting, also a Polo Shirt with the Divisional Star and our Corps name on is very much on the cards, both Brian Lane and Stuart Sutton are putting much effort into the situation.  

The number of pieces going into the Library is still on the increase, mainly due to the efforts of Stuart Sutton. Our playing list is now 227; all we need is the time to get through them all!! However, we are due to make changes to our regular playing list, so if anyone has a favourite he would like us to consider, let me know at the next meeting. Officer of the Day is at the top of the list from John Morgan, and from myself a Schottische recently acquired from Potters, called Felicity, any one in Les Mayhew’s Corps in the 50s/60s will remember this one?

We are still financially stable, despite having spent much this year on Instruments and Equipment, we are in fact £1082. 55 to the good. May I take this opportunity to thank those of you who sent me Books of Stamps to help with costs.

Fortunately, we have had no Welfare problems, John Longhurst continues to hold his own, and promises to attend the next Practice meeting in September. It appears that the rumour about the well being of two ex Grenadier Drum Majors has still not been clarified, I have in fact spoken to Charlie Lovell on the telephone very recently, and although he has been in Hospital for an operation, I can assure you, he is now very fit with a clean bill of health, and sounds just like the Charlie Lovell I first met as a young Drummer 53 years ago! Despite a recent Cataract Operation, Ken Metcalf is still quite fit, and should be back driving again fairly soon. Our very best wishes go to them both and their wives, and I hope we can coax them to pay us a visit sometime in the near future.

At the present time, all Footguard Battalions are in the same Postings as reported in the May Newsletter. However, the Grenadiers are gradually returning to Lille Barracks Aldershot from Iraq, this should be completed by September.

The Annual General Meeting will take place at the Windsor Club on Sunday 26th.November commencing at 10.45hrs. Firm details will be sent out in due course.

It is intended to stimulate our recruiting campaign with features inserted in all Regimental Magazines, plus the Household Division Magazine. Our top priority is to increase our Flute Playing membership, so if you know of any of your old serving pals who might just relish the idea of playing again, drag him or them along kicking and screaming if necessary!

Peter Taylor.
Hon Secretary The Guards Division Corps of Drums Association.
“Lynton,” Drome Path, Winnersh, WOKINGHAM. Berkshire. RG41 5HB.
Tel: 01189793372 email  
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