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Webmaster Peter McCarthy BEM
Updated 6th June 2006
                           GUARDS DIVISION

                       President:- Major Denis Burton. ARCM psm. Director of Music. Grenadier Guards.

Vice Presidents:-                                                                                                   Hon. Secretary

                         Major (Rtd) P. Horsfall MBE. Coldstream Guards.
                         Drum Major S. Miles        Grenadier Guards                                   Mr. P.R.G. Taylor (Grenadier Guards)
                         Drum Major T. Taylor       Coldstream Guards.                                Lynton, DromePath,
                         Drum Major K. Harkness  Scots Guards.                                       Winnersh,
                         Drum Major J. Ryan         Welsh Guards                                       WOKINGHAM.
                         M. Pearson. Esq.            HACDA                                                 Berkshire.
                                                                                                                           RG41 5HB.
Chairman:-         Major (Rtd) B. W. Lane. Grenadier Guards/Blues and Royals    
                                                                                                                           Tel: 0118 979 3372
Treasurer:-        S.H. Sutton. Esq. Coldstream Guards       

NEWSLETTER No 4. May 2006


                              Since the last Newsletter in February 2006, we had a further two Practice sessions at the Grenadier Club, Windsor, both of which were very successful with turnouts of 33 and 30 respectively. At the March meeting, we held the first of an annual Silver Bugle Competition, and although initially six members volinteered to complete, the number regretfully dropped to just two on the day, this due to illness and other personal reasons, hopefully next year we will see a more respectful number of competitors. However, the three judges, our President Major Denis Burton ARCM psm, Grenadier Guards Director of Music, Jim Norris, a previous Band Sgt Major of the Grenadier Guards Regimental Band, and Drum Major Tony Taylor, 1st Battaion Coldstream Guards, had their work cut out to determine the better of the two contenders, it was a very close call with the firstplace going to Chris Evans, a one time L/Sgt, Silver Bugler of the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards, and a fine B Flat Flute player to boot.  Martin Scottcame in a close second, he also a Grenadier B Flat Flute player. Congratulations to both of them for being so brave to compete, and it has been agreed that they both can wear Silver Bugles on parade. We are most grateful to Jim Norris who donated and presented us with the Silver Bugle, Jim, I might add, is a fine Cornet Player, and still plays regularly with several Veteran Military Bands in the London area, we are delighted he has become a member of our Association.

                              Our April meeting was fairly normal, although prominence was paid to programs for the immediate future list of engagements. Much credit must go to our Chairman Brian Lane, who keeps a strict control on all proceedings, not to forget the vast amount of work he does behind the scenes, and at all levels, on our behalf.


Our current membership stands at 60, with our last three recruits, Joe Dennis, an 80-year-old (Yes I did mean 80) B Flat Flute player, who I believe was the First Flute Tutor to our own Treasurer, Stuart Sutton when he joined as a boy way back in the early 50's, and David Redstone who again served with Stuart, David transferred to the Royal Corps of Transport as
WOII Drum Major. Welcome to the three of them.

We also welcome yet another Coldstreamer, Major (Rtd) Peter Horsfall MBE, and we are delighted to say our Chairman has invited Peter to become Vice President, which he has gladly accepted.


Due to our list of Engagements, and July - August Holiday period, there will be no practice sessions during those two months,
The dates for the remainder of the year will be as follows:-

September,             Sunday 3rd at Windsor
October,                 Sunday 8th at Windsor
November,              Sunday 26th at Windsor  Agm. A must for all members.
December,              No Practice in December due to Christmas Period (see engagement list)


On Saturday 29th April The Coldstream Guards held a Drummers Re-Union at Victoria Barracks Windsor. The Event was hosted by Drum Major Tony Taylor and his Drummers, and was organized by Peter Nightingale and others. During the proceedings a couple of music sessions took place with the idea of encouraging some old and bold to take up their instruments once more, the session was very successful, and so too was the evening meal which was taken in the Sergeants Mess by kind permission of the Battalion Sergeant Major. The turnout was very resectful, with guests from the Guards Division Corps of Drums, and the HAC Drummers Association and a group of Drummers from the Yorkshire Corps of Drums, some of whom, were ex Coldstreamers. It is now anticipated that this event will take place annually, so watch this space for further details.


1.           HACDA Bisley Weekend,                           3rd and 4th June. Saturday and Sunday.
2.           Littlecote House Hotel                                11th June Sunday.
3.           Tower of London                                         17th June Saturday.
4.           Gren Guards Reading Garden Party             22nd July Saturday
5.           Henley Show.                                             9th September Saturday.
6.           Gren Gds Windsor Cocktail Party                16th September Saturday.
7.           Bristol, Remembrance Parade                     12th November, Sunday
8.           Tower of London.                                        15th December Friday. (to be Confirmed)

NB.        The Orders of Dress for all engagements is as normal, that is:- Blazers (Double or Single Breasted), Dark Grey Trouses, White Shirts with Regimental Ties, Highly Polished Black Shoes, and Berets, Medals to be worn only for the Bristol Remembrance Parade, (Full size nor miniatures)


We now have our six Side Drums back from Mick O'Donnell who did the emblazoning. They have been re-assembled, fitted with new Drag Ropes and ready for use, in fact they will have their first outing at the Littlecote engagement, Six new Side Drum Carriages are due any day now, and we have placed an order with Potters for a New Bass Drum, delivery is expected in about three months time after it has been delivered to Potters and Emblazoned. Until now, we have had the benefit of using the HACDA Side Drums for which we are most grateful to Martyn Pearson the HACDA Chairman. The Bass Drum we are using at persent belongs to Phil Meakin, one of our flute players, and here again we extend our grateful thanks.
Brian Lane is still pursuing the Design and supply of waterproof jackets, and no doubt will keep us up to date as things progress.
We have managed to procure a quantity of The Guards Division Star Stick Tie Pins, should anyone like to buy one please contact our Treasurer Stuart Sutton, who has a stock at 3.00 each. All profits will go into our Branch Funds.


We now have a total of 212 pieces of music in the Master Music Library, with quite a few yet to be added. We are gradually building up a range of Marches, both quick and slow, along with some incidental pieces that we will play on a regular basis.
However, the list will be changed slightly each year to let new pieces in, and make things a little more interesting, so if you do have a favorite that we have not tried yet and would like it to be considered for inclusion at sometime or other, let us know. Top of the list is a nice little march called "Officer of the Day" which is a great favorite of John Morgan's, and certainly one we used to play regularly way back in the 50's.


Our bank ballance is still very healthy dispite having recently paid 720 for the emblazoning of our six side drums, with plenty left to purchase the new Bass Drum. As most of you know, at each Practice meeting we have a raffle, and the three we have hadto date has raised around 250 for the Brach Funds. We are most grateful to Mick Bullen BEM, the Windsor Grenadiers Welfare Officer and his assistant Diane Coe, for selling the tickets on our behalf. To date, most Raffle Prizes have been donated by, Brain Lane, Stuart Sutton, Maurise Bastable and myself, and as our unwanted Christmas Presents etc are running out, it would be appreciated if members couls consider donating any unwanted items suitable for future Raffles. Whilst on a begging theme, and in view of the high cost of postage, if any member would like to donate a book of second class stamps it would be much appreciated, Thank you in anticipation.


Apart from Ted McGregor and John Longhurst, everyone seems to be in good form. Ted has recently been in hospital for a Bladder Operation, and is now well on the mend, John Longhurst is having Cancer Treatment, but always seems to keep cheerful. We send our best wishes to both Ted and John and their families. If you know anyone experiencing difficulties, our Chairman and Welfare Officer, Brian Lane would very much like to be informed.


1.    The 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards have now moved to Lille Barracks, Aldershot, after their current bout of training they have been deployed to Iraq for Six months. We wish the Battalion, and in particular Drum Major Seb Miles and his Drummers well, a successful tour and a safe return home on completion.
2.    The 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards have now moved to Aldershot to Victoria Barracks, Windsor, having returned from Iraq last October. We welcome a continued close relationship with Drum Major Tony Taylor and his Drummers, and hope to meet up with them on both playing, and social occasions during their stay in Windsor.
3.    The 1st Battalion Scots Guards are still serving in Munster, Germany until 2007. It is hoped that we can touch base with Drum Major Harkness and his lads sometime in the future.
4.    The 1st Battalion Irish Guards have now moved from Wellington Barracks to Aldershot along side the Grenadiers. Perhaps we might now have the chance of meeting up with Drum Major Farrelly and his Drummersnow they are a little closer to us at Windsor.
5.    The 1st Battalion Welsh Guards have now moved from Wales to Wellington Barracks, Here again it would be a treat to meet up with Drum Major Ryan and his lads sometime in the near future. The Battalion will be Trooping thier new Colours recently presented by Her Majesty The Queen, at her official Birthday Parade on June 17th.

                                                                                  Peter Taylor

                                              Hon. Secretary, Guards Division Corps of Drums Association
News Letter No 4