Steve joined the 2nd Battaion The Coldstream Guards in 1986 where he completed his basic training at the Guards Depot in Pirbright.

After passing out as a Guardsman he went to the Household Division's music wing at Pirbright to train as a drummer, having no previous musical experiance he learned to play the Bb flute and bugle before joining the 2nd Battalion in Cyprus. After a two year posting in Cyprus the Bn. returned to Chelsea Barracks in London to carry out public duties, which includes: Queens Guard Mouning at Buckingham Palace.

Guard Mounting at Windsor Castle, Trooping of the Colour, Beating of the Retreat and like many other drummers he performed his bugle duties on numerous Remembrance Parades in and around London.

Steve then became a piccolo player for the Corps of Drums, an honour that is usually bestowed to the senior flute player. Also during his time with the Corps he was part of a number of recordings i.e. "Out the Escort" etc. As with all Drummers he also trained as an Assault Pioneer and SF (GPMG)

In 1991 the Corps wasattached to 3 Company and completed a tour of Northern Irelan in South Armagh.

Steve left the Army to pursue a career in the Prison Service where he still is today, Steve became a member of the of the Yorkshire and Humberside Army Cadet Force and attained the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. He left the ACF and joined the Yorkshire Corps of Drums in December 2003, he continues his love of drum and fife music, but also passes his time as a mountain leader in Rock climbing, Kayaking and playing rugby.
Steve Mycroft
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Steves page An Ex Coldstream Guards Drummer, Steve and Val Mycroft have emigrated to New Zealand on the13th September 2006, Steve is now an honorary member who is welcome to come and join us at anytime.
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Steve Mycroft
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