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Phil Woods
My Old Regiment

I joined the 2nd Battaion The Coldstream Guards in 1979 at the age of 16, I was ready to go AWOL after 6 months of being a Guardsman. When returning to the accommodation after 3 days in the MRS with bronchitis I descovered flutes, bugles and drumsticks everywhere, the following week I was down the drums block counting the weeks to becoming a Drummer.

On returning to the Guards Depot from passing out leave, my platoon Sgt shouted "all drummers $)% off to the drums block" I was off like a flash. On entering the block with 4 other trainee drummers we were greeted by a tall thin Grenadier Drum Sgt called Rick Haulse, quietly he said "you are all now drummers from this day forward you will refer to all Guardsman as Buffalos" "Yes Sgt"

After 9 happy months, I was posted to The 2nd Battalion The Coldstream Guards   in Fallingbastal North Germany, from there to West Belfast for a 6 months tour, then back to Fally. We then went to Canada then back to Fally for 9 weeks. We were then posted back to Chelsea Barracks in London for a quick stay, we then moved in to a brand new Barracks (Wellington Barracks)

We were then sent on a 6n months tour to Northern Ireland, before returning back to Wellington Barracks, I then left the Army in 1987.

I joined the Yorkshire Corps of Drums in  December 2003.
Phil Woods
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