Engagements  2024
29th June 2024.   The Corps will be playing on Armed forces Day again,   Scarborough. Full Details of where to meet etc. to follow soon.
8th March 2024

Hi All, I have heard from the organisers of the Veterans Day Race Meeting .
We are asked to be at Leicester Racecourse, at 1200hrs on Friday 8th of March 2024.
Order of dress will be, Regimentals, Berets and Medals.
Refreshments will be laid on, and some travel expenses will be paid.
We have been tasked with playing 2 sets. PLAYLIST FOR LEICESTER RACECOURSE FRAIDAY 8TH MARCH 2024

1.0 Order of Dress Regimentals Medals and Berets.

2.0 On Site for 1200hrs.

3.0 Expenses and refreshments are laid on.

4.0 Paul Schofield is Sounding the Last Post if required.

Playlist Set 1

1.0 Hazelmere

2.0 There’s something about a soldier.

3.0 Prussian Glory

4.0 Childrens Love

5.0 Songs from the home front.

6.0 Do you hear the people sing.

7.0 Mud cabin MEDLEY

8.0 For flag and empire.

9.0 The Luftwaffe March (short Version)

10.0 The Blaydon Races

DC from 1.0 if required.

Playlist Set 2

1.0 Imperial Echoes.

2.0 South of the border.

3.0 Bonnie English Rose.

4.0 Happy Daze.

5.0 Belphegor.

6.0 Galanthia.

7.0 Semper fidelis.

8.0 The Resistance.

9.0 Queen of Battles.

10.0 Jigs.

DC from 1.0 if required.

Stay safe,

4th Febuary 2024,  A care home resident first name Charlie Ex 3rd Bn. Grenadier Guards went well. A bit wet and windy, but wellworth doing.
Up Dated 9th Febuary 2024.
The National Memorial Arboretum.
Sunday 7th July 2024

The YCoD, OCCoD and GDCoDA will be forming a combined Corps of Drums for an act of Remembrance to be held on Sunday 7th July 2024  at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA). Please see  JUST GIVING  and  Just Giving   Please support, thank you.

General Outline

Site Opens - 1000
CoD members arrive by - 1100
Act of service - 1200
Fallout visit site with families- 1245
Site closes - 1600


Banner of hope
Children’s Love
Farewell my comrades (funeral march)
Last Post (Bugle)
Reveille Rouse (Bugle)

This is an ideal opportunity to remember past Drummers, our friends, mates and Corps of Drums members who are no longer with us. Then enjoy a family day out visiting this very worthwhile site of Remembrance.

Full written instruction to follow.


“Once a Drummer, Always a Drummer”
Webmaster Peter McCarthy BEM