Colin Carr
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The Yorkshire Corps of Drums
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At the age of fourteen I joined the army cadets, No. 4 Command  WKSPS. REME.Cadet Coy. They had a drum and (Cavalry) Trumpet C.o D. I learned to play the bugle, Trumpet and side drum with this Corps.  When I was 18 years old, I joined the T.A. as a drummer with the 5th Batt. The West Yorkshire Reg.Shortly after the Regiment merged with the 4th Batt. The East Yorkshire Regiment and became the 3rd Batt. Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire. The East Yorks had a strong drum and flute Corps and this was continued after the Merger.    

I left on completion of my 4-year term, but rejoined the new T.A.V.R. in 1968, the new regiment was the Yorkshire Volunteers. It was decided to form a CoD at HQ Coy. At Lumley Bks. York.Sgt.Burgeous and myself  (both former members of  3Batt. PWO.T.A.) were asked to train some recruits as drummers. At the same time I was the Instructor with a local scout band for six years.

In 1974 I formed a band for the York Sea Cadets, after six years I was back in khaki and formed a band for E Det P.W.O.  Army Cadet Force.

After three years, I left and formed another band for York Air Training Corps with some home made drums I had made myself. I was with them for six years as an adult Warrant Officer.    
After a two-year break, I heard Ron Cooper had formed a CoD. For the Wakefield Branch of the Royal Artillery Association, so I joined, and became an instructor.   In 2003 I joined The Yorkshire C o D.