Web Master Peter McCarthy BEM
We are looking for new recruits anyone interested in playing or learning to play the drum,  bugle or Flute, you are welcome to come and join us at Harwood Barracks in Leeds. 

Were looking for enthusiastic people who would like to play in our Corps of Drums, whether you play or not and would like to play we can help you to learn, were looking for Flute players Bb, F Flute or piccolo players, also Side drummers bugle cymbal players,  If your interested, give us a call.

The key component for any Corps of Drums are its people, membership is available to men and women who are interested in playing drum and flute music and bugle calls, there are no age restrictions. We have developed a great team spirit with every individual bringing their own exclusive contribution.

Where to Find Us

Copy and paste the post code only into the search on Google Map. Harewood Barracks Regent Street Leeds LS7 1AT click on satellite and Hybrid We meet at Leeds TA Centre which is in Harewood Barracks Regent Street Leeds LS7 1AT just off the A64, once a month for a full Corps of Drum playing together on 2nd Wedneday of each month, this can also be for individual training and practic or to  brush up on playing skills Timings is 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Send Greg an e-mail if you have any questions   We are also looking for a Drum Major who is willing to lead us on parade who is keen and smart,  were also looking for a bass drummer anyone who is interested please contact Peter Garthwaite at  p.garthwaite@nlt,world.com
We are recruiting for new members