Emma Bentham

At aged 14 I joined Thornbury Detachment, Yorkshire North and West Army Cadet Force Corps of Drums and learnt how to play the side drum. At the time the detachment didnít have any flutes and just played at various galas, shows and parades with just drummers. I was at this detachment as a side drummer for two years during which time I was promoted to Cadet Corporal and passed two star military awards and my Duke of Edinburghs and First Aid awards. From the age of 16 to 18 I transferred to Bradford Cadet Detachment and became badged Royal Engineers so I could work more on military skills.

At 18 I became an adult instructor and go rebadged again this time to Royal Logistic Corps and taught cadets military skills at Yeadon cadet detachment. A year later I was asked to move back to Thornbury as their female instructor. By this time the detachment had been on cadet corps of drums training camps with the ACF and a few members had learnt to play the Bb flute. At the age of 9 Iíd learnt the concert flute at school so it was easy for me to learn the Bb flute. I also played the flute in the corps of drums as an instructor (being small I passed as a convincing cadet) The detachment attended more Corps of Drums camps twice a year based in Altcar and Longmoor, each time learning more tunes. With the cadets as a flute player in the corps of drums we have performed at Pirbright for a Regular Army Drill Parade pass out and Iíve performed in the Malta Military Tattoo 2006 with Gloucestershire Army Cadet Force corps of drums and other cadets from over England and Wales. I enjoyed my time in cadets but left earlier this year to focus on University and college work.

Whilst at cadets as an instructor I heard of the Yorkshire Corps of Drums and started coming along to the meets to practise tunes with other flute players and drummers. Iíve attended one evening show in Liverpool with the corps and hope to attend parades and evening meets in between work and university.
Emma Bentham
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Emma Bentham