"Elements of Music"
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Music The art of expressing emotion through the medium of a musical sound, i.e. a film sound track gives the emotion of what is happening.

A Musical Sound is the result of regular and periodic vibrations of air
i.e. Irregular vibrations cause noise.

A Stave  a series of five lines and four spaces upon which musical notation is written.

Accent  is the result of stress or emphasize of a note.

Scale  series of notes ascending and descending in alphabetical order, from a starting note.

Time Signature  is figures in fractional form placed at the beginning of a piece of music or movement. The top figure showing how many beats there are in a bar, the bottom figure shows the value of each beat.

A Bar Line  is a vertical line drawn through the stave, placed before each strongest recurring accent.

A Double Bar Line  is drawn through the stave to mark the end of a piece of music or movement.

Rests  Indicates periods of silence in music.

Ledger Lines  Are used when notes are to high or to low to be written on the stave.

Key Signature  Are sharp’s or flats placed at the beginning of the stave in order to the piece of music being played.

The Sharp
  Raises a note one semitone in pitch.

A Flat  Lowers a note one semitone in pitch.

A Natural  Restores the note to its original pitch.

Tie or Bind  A curve line connecting two or more notes of the same letter name, indicating only the first note to be struck and then prolonged by the value of the note or notes which it is to be connected.

A Dot  Increases the value of a note by half.

Rest With Dots are sometimes placed after the rests and increases the duration in the same manor as in the case of notes.

Pitch  Is the height and depth of a musical sound.

A Note  Is a sign used in music to show the length or duration of sounds and relative pitch.

Double Dots On the stave means go back and repeat from previous dots.

Accidental’s  Any sharp’s or flats occurring in the course of a piece of music other than those in the key signature.

Major Scale  Is a series of eight notes in alphabetical order, from any note to its octave and consists of tones and semitones in a definite order.

Semitones  The smallest distance between two notes on a piano.

Triple  A rapid three note play with the note next above the key note in alphabetical order.

  Dal Segno means go back to the sign, which looks like a S with a line through it.

DC  Del Cadno means go back to the beginning.

Major scales have a saying enabling you to remember them easily, for the scale of sharp’s it is
Go Down And Enter By Force Charlie.

For the names of sharp’s it is Fish Can Go Down And Eat Bait.

For flats it is Farmer Brown Eats A Dark Green Cabbage.

And the name for flats are British European Airways Do Generally Comes First.

Eg How many sharps in E Sharp Major   answer is four F C G D.
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