Alan Conn
Alan Conn
My Old Regiment
I joined the Army in Jan 1962 as a Junior soldier at the Kings Division, Strensall. York.
After basic training  I joined the drums, then onto the Green Howards in Tripoli, as a side drummer.
I spent most of my service in the drums, apart from two years in a rifle company, and a stint in the intelligence section. As well as ceromonial duties for the Green Howards I also particapated at these events :-
USAF Base, Tripoli.
Qualifying group matches at Ayresome Park(free football) world cup 1966.
Colchester Tattoo.
Brussells(peter will remember them).
Uk CAPE tours each year(between Juy-Sep).
Visit of the Colonel-in Chief (king Olaf of norway).
A Member of
The Yorkshire Corps of Drums

Alan Conn plays percussion who used to teach in the Green Howards Corps of Drums, he left in December 1973 and has now joined the YCoD
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Alan in 1972 Northen Ireland
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