Stuart Sutton
A Member of
The Yorkshire Corps of Drums
Stuart Sutton
My Old Regiment

Stuart is a Bb flute player with the Yorkshire corps of Drums and
The Honourable Artillery Company Drummers Association.

Stuart joined the Coldstream Guards as a boy Drummer in 1950. He became a very competent flute player thoroughly mastering the Bb flute and picollo. He served in the Canal Zone, British Army of the Rhine and Kenya where he was attached to the KAR to train their Corps of Drums. On leaving the regular Army in 1963 Stuart immediately joined the HAC Corps of Drums. As ever Stuart gave his total commitment to the HAC moving through the ranks to become Drum Major.

Major parades  included Winston Churchills Funeral, several Royal weddings and anniversaries, two trips to Boston, USA plus numerous Guard Mounts in London and Windsor. He stepped off in 1994 but hascontinued to contribute his flute playing  and composing/arrangingskills to a wide range of Corps of Drums. Map.html
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