Please note - not all the marches will play music, the ones with the Orange squares will play music. Green Squares are written music only. The ones in Yellow are the latest additions,
Updated 5th January 2023

3 Camps     Rollo Laylan
3 Lilies   Trad
3rd Regiment of Guards   Trad
17th Century Music   17th Century
17th Century The English March   17th Century Tunes
22nd Regt.   Trad
25th Regt.   Trad
30th Regt   Trad
43rd Regt.   Trad
A Blind Lover   Arr Dylan Pritchett
A Parade For 3 Flutes   Trad
A Virgin of 15 Years   Dylan Pritchett
Abel'e March   Trad
Ah Ca IRA   Year 1796
Air by Lully    Bremner Miscellany  1765
Air by Monteclair   Year 1720
Alla Marcia   Trad
Arabi   K Schell
Ataque O Carga   Trad
Aupre's De Ma Blonde   Trad
Baslerdybli   Walti Saladin
Bede Voor Het Vaderlanf   Arr voor Pijpers
Bedfordshire's March   Trad
Begone Dull Care     Video   17th Century
Bellisle-March   1763
Bishops Hatfield Slow March   Trad
Bishops Hatfield Quick March   Trad
Bishops Stortford Slow March   Trad
Bishops Stortford Quick March   Trad
Black Mary's Hornpipe   1790
Brandwine   Trad
Carnevale D' Ivrea   Trad
Cast My Love Thine Eyes Around   Trad
Chain Cotillion   Arr Jogn C Moon
Charlottenburg   Arr Mike Hall
Cheer up Buller   Trad
Chester 22nd   Trad
Chester Castle   Year 1780
Colonel Bernaby   Trad
Costla Bay   Irish Trad
Count Saxes March   Trad
De Garde Marcheert     J.H. Jansen
Der Vaudois   Gustave Doret
Dog's Nose   Trad
Dr Dritt Vars   Christoph Walliser
Dr Sansemaa   Trad
Dr Winschdi   Trad
Drei Lilien   Paul Muller
Drie Schuintamboers     A.J. Peetoom
Drum and Fife   F. Hudson
Drum Marches   Trad
Drummers Call   Year 1815
Duke of Gloucesters March   T. Bennett
Duke of York's March   Trad
Duke Williams March   Trad
Dzitte Vazs   Trad
Earl of Surrey's March   Trad
East Yorks Militia    Trad
En Passant Par La Lorraine   Trad
Erzherzog-Albrecht March   K. Komzac
Fife & Drum Album  Fifes    
Fife Marches for The King of France   Trad
Fife Tunes 1 & 2   Trad 1651-1656
Finnlandisher   Trad
Flagg Hornpipe   Trad
French Calls   Trad
French Drum March  III PARTIE   Trad
French Marines   W.E. White
French Regulation Marches   Trad
Geluckig Vaderland   A. J. Peetoom
General Wolfes March   Trad
Giles Gibbs (40 Pages)   Giles Gibbs Jr
Glopfgaischt     Karl Schell
Glore van Rotterdam   J. J. Hamers
God Save The King   A. J. Peetoom
Groeten 22   Trad
Grober Zapfenstreich Marsch   Trad
Harum Scarum   Bill White
Helenen Marsch   Fr. Lubbert
Herts Slow March   Trad
Herts Quick March   Trad
Hey Johnnie   1745
Hitchin Volunteers Slow March   Trad
Hitchin Volunteers Quick March   Trad
Hoek Van Holland   A.J. Scheurkogel
Hornpipe   Mr. Festing
House of Gramachree   John C Moon
Hunsdon Slow March   Trad
Hunsdon Volunteers Quick March   Trad
Janitscharenmars      G. Boedijn
Jenny Lind Polka   Old Dance Tune
King Williams March   W. E. White
Knives And Forkes   Neil Dublin 1726
Koopmanmars   Trad
La Charge   Trad
La Descente   Trad
La Diame   Trad
La Fortune   Arr W.E. White
La Grenadiere   Trad
La Morisque   Old fife Music
La Nouvella Angloise   Arr W.E. White
La Retraite   Trad
La Royal Loverie Gvot   Arr W.E White
La Victoire   Trad
Lady's Pleasure   Trad
Le Camberlot     E. Hacout
Le Champ D' Honneur   Trad
Le Drapeau D' Austerlitz   Trad
Le Hirsonnais     E. Hacout
Le Lillois   E. Hacout
Le Reveil Au Bivouac   Trad
Le Rigodon D' Honneur   Trad
Le Volontaire   E. Hacout
Les Drapeaux   Arr W. E. White
Les Intrepides   Trad
Les Retraites Francaises   Trad
Livre Premier   Trad
Locken   Trad
London March   Arr John C. Moon
Maarebaschi   Trad
Malbrough S'en Va-T-en Guerre   Trad
March De Fusileros   Trad
March in The Water Piece   Trad
March of The East Yorkshire Militia   Trad
Marsch Der Schweizer Landsknechte   Old fife Music 1482
Marche De Gendarmerie   Trad
Marche Des Grenadiers   Trad
Marche Des Trainards   Trad
Marche Du Jabute   Trad
Marche Du Marechal De Saxe   Trad
Marche Mon Beppie   Trad
Marche Pour Fifres Et Tambour   Trad
Marche Pour La Garde Francais   Trad
Marches Et Refrains      arr  R. Fayeulle
Marches Pour Fifre   Trad
Marsch Der Freiwilligen Jager   Trad
Marsch der Pfeifer und Trommler   Trad
Marsch Nr. 4   Trad
Marsch No 5   Trad
Marsch Nr 113   Trad
Marsche und Signale   Swiss Army
Medley 1775   1775
Montrouge   E. Hacout
Morgenstreich   Trad

Nancy Dawson   Trad
Nancy's Fancy   Trad
No Piot   Trad
Norman Toy   Trad
Now is the Moneth of Maying   Old Fife Music
Now To The Maypole Haste   Old Fife Music
O' Carolan's Medley   Arr W. E. White
Old Lancashire Hornpipe   Arr John C. Moon
On Va Lui Percer Le Flanc   Trad
Padvinders Bandmars   Trad
Pas Redouble   Trad
Patriotten Mars   A.J. Peetoom
Piede Fermo   Trad
Pifferate del Carnevale d' Ivrea   Trad
Pijpermars   Trad
Pijpermars No 2   Tard
Pijpermars No 3   Trad
Polly Song   Trad
Prince Ferdinands March   Trad
Ptyffec   Trad
Pfeifer March   Year 1582
Prince Palatine's Drum & Fife Manual   Addition 1996
Radetzky   Johann Strauss
Rally ' Round The Flag   Trad
Reveille Signaal   A. V. Veluwen
Rijen mars     Tesink Jansen
Royston Barkway Slow March   Trad
Royston Barkway Quick March   Trad
Rumba Di Westa   H.J.Freijsen  H v Kapel
Rondeau   Mouret  1716
Ryslaifer   Trad
Saggodo   Trad
Sans Gene    Alfred Ehrsam
Schwedischer Marsch   Trad
Scotch Grey's March   Trad
Scots Royals   Trad
Sempre Crescendo Mars     W. F. Sprink
Soldiers Joy   Trad
Solo Marsen      A.v. Veluwen
St Albans Slow March   Trad
St Albans Quick March   Trad
Stanzler   Trad
S'Laggerli     Dury Schmid
Sweet Sally O   Trad
Tail Toddle   Arr J. Underwood
Tamboer En Pijperscapriolen   H.J.Freijsen  H v Kapel
Tango   Karl Roth
Taptoe   Trad
Taptoe Tamboers En Pijpers   1728
The Ancient Brits   Trad
The Bandmaster     J. H. Jansen
The Downfall Of Paris   Trad
The Dukes March   Trad
The Fairy Dance   Trad
The French Marines March   Trad
The Lass of Paties Mill   Arr Jack Underwood
The Lowlands Lads   Trad
The Merry Girls of York   Trad
The Merry Meeting   Dylan Prichett
The New Hand Laddie   Trad
The Pioneers March   Trad
The Pleasure of The Spa   Trad
The Races   Cushing 1804
The Ranting Highland Man   Trad
The Rocky Road to Dublin   Trad
The Tenpenny Hit     arr. W. Waite
The Warwickshire March   T. Bennett
The Yorkshire Bite   Arr W.E. White
Three Quicksteps 15th Reg   Trad
To Danton Me   Trad
Trauermarsch   Trad
Turkish March   Trad
Vaugdis   Trad
Vive Henri IV   Trad
Wanderlieder   Trad
Wander Marsch   Trad
Ware Volunteers Slow March   Trad
Ware Volunteers Quick March   Trad
Wer recht in Freuden   Trad
Weest Paraat    P. Eysink
When the King Enjoys his own   Trad
Wormley Volunteers Slow March   Trad
Wormley Volunteers Quick March   Trad
Ye-Musik-General-Fife-Music   Trad
York Fusiliers   Trad
York Marsch   John C. Moon
York'scher Marsch   L. Van Beethoven
Zapfenstreich   Trad
Zurcher Sechselautenmarsch   Trad
Giles Gibbs Jr
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The Art of Playing The Fife by Sam Potter