"The Guards Division Corps of Drums Association"
It was in September 2004 that a Grenadier Guards Drummers Re-Union was held at the Grenadier Guards Club Windsor, where during the proceedings Ex Drummers were invited to take up Instruments for an impromptu General Practice with the visiting Corps of Drums of the HAC Drummers Association. The response was a sight to behold, and even after many years, in some cases over forty years, since a flute or drum had been played, the performance was most gratifying to see and listen to. As a result, many former Drummers suggested we ought to “Set something up on a regular basic” which prompted Brain Lane,

The late Peter Taylor and Stuart Sutton pursued the idea. However, it was decided that to ensure a reasonable number of regular players we should include all Ex Drummers of the five Regiments of Foot Guards and members of the HAC Drummers Association. Within eight weeks, a first Practice Session was organized, which was attended by some 35 Drummers, this being continued on a four to six week cycle ever since.

We carried out our first public engagement in July 2005, on the occasion of the Annual Grenadier Day held at Victoria Barracks, Windsor. Major General S.J.L. Roberts. I.G. Commanding the Household Division, approved the Guards Division Corps of Drums Association name, and we held our Inaugural General Meeting on Sunday 6th November 2005. We were delighted that Major Denis Burton ARCM psm Director of Music of The Grenadier Guards accepted to be our first President, Major (Rtd) Peter Horsfall (Coldstream Guards), all serving Drum Majors of the five Foot Guards Regiments, and Martyn Pearson the HACDA Chairman accepted positions of Vice Presidents. The elected officers were, Chairman, Major (Rtd) Brian Lane (Grenadier Guards/Blues and Royals), Hon Secretary, Peter Taylor (Grenadier Guards), and Hon Treasurer, Stuart Sutton (Coldstream Guards), The current membership stands at sixty, although due to age and other reasons, not all playing members, however very valuable for encouragement and logistical help.

                    We are committed to playing eight engagements during 2006, with the first one taking place on Sunday 11th June at the Grenadier Guards reunion, Littlecote House Hotel Nr. Marlborough, Wilts. Our regular Practice Sessions take place in the Grenadier Guards Club Windsor, but due to the list of engagements these have been cancelled until September 2006.
We feel it paramount to keep in close and regular contact with members, and therefore, publish and distribute at least four Newsletters each year.

                    We now have our own set of Side Drums, duly emblazoned with the Guards Division Star, the five Regimental Badges, and scrolls stating the name of each Regiment, and their Mottos. A new Bass Drum is on order, and should be with us fairly soon.

Much work has taken place to get the show off the ground, but we will need to maintain a continued healthy level of recruitment. To this end, we would be most happy to hear from any interested Ex Guard Division Drummers, and like minded Drummers of other Regiments, to come along and help keep this unique type of music alive.
Web Master Peter McCarthy B.E.M.