Chris Gaskin
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A Member of The Yorkshire Corps of Drums
After leaving school at the age of 15 in 1963 I joined The All Arms Junior Leaders Regiment The Princes of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment).

I was stationed in Wales for two years, we had to choose an activity so I chose "The Corps of Drums"

One of the functions we performed was at the "Chester Assizes" which gave us all such a buzz that it remains with me until day.
Sadly I wish now I had kept the interest going. By this time I was old enough to join the regular service, I joined The 1st Battalion P.W.O Regiment.

In 1965 - 1966 I did active service in Crater Aden then again in 1967 for four months in Streamer Point Aden. On returning back to England I was promoted to Lance Corporal,

While doing general duties when The Battalion stationed in Colchester, I was a member of one of the teams, that helped clean up after the Torrey Canyon disaster, in 1967. I served another year before entering civilian life in 1968.
With the memories of drumming in my blood I joined The Yorkshire Corps of Drums in November 2010.
  In 1793, at the Battle of Famars, the Regiment "stole" the march "Ca Ira" from its French adversaries. The Commanding officer ordered the Drum Major to play the march so the French can be beaten in Battle to there own dam tune, it then became the Battalions regimental march.