Rob Downie
Web Master Peter McCarthy BEM
A Member of The Yorkshire Corps of Drums
When I joined the army I went into the 1st battalion Devonshire and Dorset Regiment (who are now 1 Rifles) at the beginning of 1998 after turning 17. After passing out of the depot and was posted to my Battalion (based in Warminster, cat c battle group) I joined a rifle company in which I served for the short time of only 3 months before answering the call from drums/GPMG/machine gun platoon for soldiers to join and make up the numbers for our forthcoming posting to Hounslow as the infantry of the line ceremonial battalion for London district.

I attended the 6 months drums course held at the Infantry training centre (ITC) in Catterick in 1999, this spell was one of the best in my short career in the army, learning the flute the GPMG/sustained fire (SF).

When arriving back to the battalion I became the leading flute player within the corps but I became more interested in drumming, even more so when Bob Rutherford became our corps Drum Major after coming across from the Coldstream Guards to lead us during our time with London district, Bob is an outstanding drummer and a big influence on my drumming path.

I left the army in 2004 doing 3 more years than I intended to serve; this is mainly due to my love for the drums platoon. Since I have been out I've been working as an Industrial roofer. As for my musical path I have been studying pipe band, Swiss and American rudimental drumming which has taken me to another level in my drumming ability, drumming is one of the biggest passions in my life. I also play with a 'blood and thunder' style flute band on the drum, but will be playing Bb flute with the Yorkshire corps of drums and drums when needed.    During my time in I was posted in Warminster , Hounslow (including a tour in Forkhill, south Armagh) and Ballykinnler.became the Battalions regimental march.