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Updated 27th January 2007
Bristol Remembrance Day Parade 2006
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Saturday 16th.September 2006. Cocktail Party.

This Engagement was on Home Ground, the occasion being a Cocktail Party to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of the Grenadier Guards, by the Windsor Branch of the Grenadier Guards Association. The Branch Officers and members invited us with our wives and partners to partake in the Party activities, and also to play an hour of incidental music around Music Stands. The evening weather was warm and comfortable, which allowed us to perform outside on the lawn, during our program we managed to entice some of the guests to join us with a range of Percussion accessories, such as triangles, rattles and the like, this to the delight of the remainder of the audience, who demonstrated their appreciation of a fun program. Among the guests were several high ranking Grenadier Officers, headed by Colonel Bolitho, Lt.Col. Commanding the Regiment. It seems we made yet another good account of ourselves, so thanks and congratulations to all who attended.

Sunday 12th.November 2006. City of Bristol Remembrance Parade.

The City of Bristol Remembrance Parade is purported to be the largest Remembrance Parade outside London, so we were delighted to have been invited to head the Parade of Military Veterans. The logistics for this engagement took a great deal of organizing, some of our numbers traveling either by themselves directly to Bristol on the day, or by arranged transport from the Windsor Club, courtesy of Bill Edwards and Peter Taylor, several members traveled to Bristol on the Saturday for an overnight stay, our grateful thanks to John Morgan for organizing this facility. We all managed to reach the rendezvous in good time, which made it possible to carry out some fine-tuning and a quick burst of Brooklyn Belle before required to form up out side the very impressive Cathederal and the Council Offices. The weather was cool with no rain, the march to and from the Bristol Cenotaph was fairly short, so we only managed to play Flag and Empire, Belpheagor, Brooklyn Belle, Vendetta, Household Brigade, The Red Cloak, the British Grenadiers and the Grenadiers March. Our own Silver Bugler Chris Evans sounded his usual excellent Last Post and Reveille during the service. The officer in charge of the Guards contingent of Veterans was Major General Webb-Carter, himself a Grenadier and President of the Army Benevolent Fund. He took a particular interest in our Corps of Drums, and suggested to Brian Lane that he would write to our “Boss” Major General Roberts at the Household Division Headquarters, to say how impressed he was with our performance.
It appears that according to an old Ex 3rd Battalion Grenadier Sergeant F Flute Player, George Lippiatt, the Flutes could be heard over a mile away, but then after all, we probably have the most powerful group of Flute Players in the country today, well done to you all. Our new Bass Drum had it’s first outing, and sounded as good as it looks, having recently been emblazoned by the man himself, Chris Collins. Rumor has it that we are likely to be invited back for the Parade next year. So watch this space      
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